Interview : Alex Fisher : 06/10/2018
Alex Fisher Speaks To The BBC About The 2-2 Draw With Exeter City
Alex Fisher
Alex Fisher
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Yeovil Town striker Alex Fisher spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles, in an interview for BBC Somerset, after his side had drawn 2-2 against Exeter City on Saturday 6th October 2018.

CS: Alex, well played. It was a great second half to watch. What was it like to play in this afternoon?

AW: It was really good. It was pretty frantic. I think it's everything that you'd expect from this derby match. It was great to get a point, although I think the way that we played, we could have arguably have got three.

CS: A definite improvement after the break. What clicked for you after half time?

AW: I think that we kept to our same principles that we were doing in the first half. I think the wind played quite an important factor. But where in the first half we maybe didn't win that second ball, or first ball, in the second half we were just on it, and we managed to get ownership of the ball higher up the pitch, and that allowed us to nick a couple of goals.

CS: Your strike partner Fela obviously likes to score goals, but he turned goal creator twice this afternoon.

AW: Yes, brilliant. I always feel embarrassed - it was his shot across goal and I was there to put it in. The guy put it on a plate. And the same for the first, so huge credit for today's result has to be on his shoulders, without a doubt.

CS: You can't feel embarrassed, as you had to be there, as there was a defender on the goal line. For you personally, is it nice to get back on the goal trail?

AW: It is. I started pretty strongly. I hadn't scored in a couple of games, so it was great to get back to a goalscoring match, and certainly starting. Hopefully I'll be able to kick on from there. I think we haven't got a game next Saturday, but hopefully for the next League game, we'll be on the go.

CS: We spoke about the intervening period between the Villa game and the Notts County game, the manager spoke to you a lot in the build-up to that game. He said before today that he's been speaking to you a lot this week, to restore your confidence and telling you to believe that you can do it. Did that play an important part in conversations between you and the manager this week?

AW: Sure, yes - he's a great man, and he knows how to talk to people, and he's got a very good way with that. So I do thank him for it. It was nice that he stuck his belief behind me today. Obviously he picks the team, so you rightly feel proud to be starting in this eleven, and I was happy to deliver what I'd like to think was another good performance and a goal for him.

CS: The manager said at the end of his interview this evening 'We're Back'. You've had this slightly dodgy spell in terms of results. In the second half you were back to where you were, when you were near the top of the league.

AW: Yes, it felt like that as well. It's not for the lack of trying in the last few games. I just think we haven't quite had the rub of the green. But certainly in that second half, I think it showed what we were doing in the first few games. Not only that, but we were doing it, and getting goals at the end of it, which makes a massive difference.

CS: The strength of your squad was so key in those early games. With all these players out injured, you've got a little break now, and that's got to help, to try to get some of these injured players back now.

AW: Yes, I think that's what next weekend will be about as well. No position is guaranteed, so there will be opportunities on Tuesday night for people to stake a claim for a position. When players are back fit, it will be back to a lot of competition, and I think that's the way that it should be.

CS: A local derby here today, and a local derby again at Bristol Rovers on Tuesday. Are you looking forward to that one - a cup tie under the lights at Bristol Rovers?

AW: I certainly am. Any game under the lights is one to savour, especially against a team in the league above. It will be a great test for us. Hopefully we will see the fans out in force, and we'll be able to deliver a result for them, and for the club.

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