Interview : Francois Zoko : 01/09/2018
Francois Zoko Speaks To The BBC About His Recent Injury
Francois Zoko
Francois Zoko
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Yeovil Town striker Francois Zoko spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles, in an interview for BBC Somerset, just before kick-off against Grimsby Town on Saturday 1st September 2018.

CS: You have got a brace on your knee Francois. What's the issue been, and how is the recovery going?

FZ: The recovery is going very very well. We're following the procedure. Today I'm in my third week of recovery. So we checked today and everything is good. So all good, yes and we're just following the procedures, and all will be fine.

CS: It's the knee that is the issue. I recall the challenge, as it was right at the end of the Mansfield game that you were sent flying, and it's obviously had quite an impact on you.

FZ: Yes, it was the 90th minute and I was happy to play that 90 minutes, because it was my first. So I was frustrated after the game, because I felt fitter in that game, and I was looking forward to that following game. Unfortunately I have that injury. But I've not taken it badly, because the team are doing so well, so it's given me more time to come back and be fit. It's okay, it's football, and I'm looking forward to coming back.

CS: I know you've been supporting the team wherever possible. You're based in Nottingham and we saw you at Notts County, and you've made it up to Grimsby today as well.

FZ: Yes, I'm here. It's my boys, and I like to see them too. I hope they like to see me too. The thing is, I can't travel too much because I have to keep the knee immobile as much as I can. But when I have the opportunity to come and see the boys, I'll come. So today I'm happy to be there and support them.

CS: Of course news yesterday that Olufela Olomola is back with Yeovil. You played with him last season, and I think you enjoyed playing with him. How good is it to see him back in the squad today?

FZ: I'm very happy to see him. I was at the game at Notts County with him. So I'm happy that he's back at home - I will say at home because he will like Yeovil. So I'm looking forward for him to score more goals than he did during the first time.

CS: You might not have seen too much of him at Yeovil, but Omari Patrick comes with quite a reputation. I'm led to believe that he's extremely quick.

FZ: I know the player. He's in a good team, and is a good player for the team. I think the gaffer has brought in some good players, and some exciting players. So I hope they are going to fully fit their potential with Yeovil.

CS: I know you've just been chatting with Darren Way. Because you're here and you're another pair of eyes on the game, can you speak with the manager and help him on a matchday?

FZ: Yes, this is my role too, as captain of the team. My role is not only about focussing on me. I have to spread and watch the game differently, see the players and if something is not right then speak to them. So that support is good every time, if I can give it. Sometimes I have to do nothing, because they are doing well, but sometimes you have to be there. But I try to help as much as I can.

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