Interview : Alex Fisher : 20/08/2018
Alex Fisher Speaks To The BBC About His First Career Hat-Trick
Alex Fisher
Alex Fisher
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Yeovil Town striker Alex Fisher spoke to BBC Somerset presenter Charlie Taylor on Monday 20th August 2018, after he had scored a hat-trick in the 4-0 win over Notts County on the previous Friday.

CT: Alex, congratulations first of all. What is it like to score a hat-trick? It's your first professional hat-trick, so what's it like?

AF: It was great. As a striker you always want to get off the mark at the beginning of the season. So to get three in the same game was great. But I have to say I do feel ever so slightly embarrassed to take some of the accolades because it really was an unbelievable team performance. If anyone has seen the goals and seen the first two, then they were really put on a plate, and the third was a great ball as well. It's personally fantastic to score a hat-trick and I'm really proud, but I do owe everything to the team.

CT: Fair enough, but they still need putting in the net, don't they? You're a striker and that's what you're there for.

AF: I suppose yes, you've got to be in the right place at the right time.

CT: Exactly, I'm sure the team know that it's a team effort. They'll be pleased, as everyone wants someone up there scoring goals, to back up their performances in defence or midfield. So Yeovil finally getting off to a decent start and a win under their belts in the league. What does it feel like this season? Does it feel a bit different compared to last season?

AF: I joined in January, so I didn't get to see what it was like at the beginning of last season. But I can only compare it to what I know, and I have to say that it's a great team spirit that we've got there. The staff have done really well in keeping the team grounded and trying to implement certain game plans. We work really hard on it during the week. But it's really early on. We've got loads of stuff that we want to be working on. We've got a tough game tomorrow night. It would be great to keep the momentum but there's no easy game in professional football. So we should be working as hard as we can to keep the momentum going.

CT: 4-0 away from home as well. I suppose home fans want to see it at Huish Park as well as on the road. Can you do that? Is this the sort of team that's got that kind of 4-0 scoreline in them several times this season?

AF: Well you'd hope so. You go out to try to win as convincingly as you can. It would be great to do it in front of the Yeovil faithful. As you say, it's great to do it on the road, but to do it in front of the home fans would also be fantastic. So we'll certainly be going out and trying to do our best. Who knows? If we ride our luck at times, and then grab an early goal then we could be looking at a good scoreline.

CT: You mention those two goals that you scored. It was two goals in about three minutes, or something like that? You couldn't have believed your luck when the second one came towards you on a plate, as you said?

AF: Yes, that's right. I actually had one about a minute before it, which was identical, that the keeper saved. So there were three chances in the space of about four minutes. We just managed to take an ownership of the game during that sort of stage of the first half. They are the sort of things that are easily missed. So if you don't score when you're on top, you can often pay the price. I think last year we got into some great positions and didn't quite get the finishing touches that we needed. If you can get those goals early on and then take the onus of the game, then it makes it a lot easier going into the second half with a bit of a cushion.

CT: It's absolutely the right of football fans to get carried away, certainly at this stage of the season, when you're winning 4-0. Have you seen that on social media? Are fans starting to dream already of a high placed finish this season?

AF: Yes, I'm not the biggest social media user, but it's been quite hard to avoid some of the very nice things that they've been saying about the club and myself. We go out there to try to entertain. We're working as hard as we can to maintain our standards, because consistency will be key. It's great to get a scoreline and have an evening like we did on Friday at Notts County. The difficulty will be recreating that every week. We'll certainly be going out to do our best, and it's nice to see the fans in a buoyant mood.

CT: Is this the best football that you've been playing? You've got a hat-trick and you're scoring a lot of goals for Yeovil since you signed in January. Is this the best football that you've played?

AF: It's one of my best returns I've had. I think the way we've played in the last couple of games has certainly made my life as a forward probably as simple as it can be, when you get such pace on the wings and crosses into the box. I'd say the main thing for me would be to just be consistent. I don't want to get too carried away. It's fantastic to have such a strong start. I thought we played really well against Villa as well. So it's a couple of games there where we've gained some really good momentum. But for me personally it's been great. I think the way the team play certainly seems the way I'd like to play football as well. So put it all together and it's proving to be quite a fruitful few weeks.

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