Interview : Carl Dickinson : 16/08/2018
Carl Dickinson Speaks To The BBC As Part Of The Build-Up To Notts County
Carl Dickinson
Carl Dickinson
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Yeovil Town left-back Carl Dickinson spoke to BBC Somerset presenter Richard Hoskin on Thursday 16th August 2018, as part of the build-up to his return to his former club Notts County.

CD: We are at the hotel. We've just finished our evening meal. So now it's just a case of resting up and getting ready for a tough game tomorrow night.

RH: Are you in Nottingham tonight?

CD: Yes we are - we're at the hotel now. Like I've said we've just finished our evening meal. We're in a nice hotel, so we've got everything with the preparation all set up to go into tomorrow night.

RH: Good old football. It's only your third appearance for Yeovil and here you are playing your former club.

CD: I know yes, it's funny how it's all worked out. It's one that I'm looking forward to. It's probably the one that I looked out for first when the fixtures came out. I'm just excited as it is another game to go and try to play well. It just so happens to be against my old team. I'm just looking forward to trying to get our first three points of the season.

RH: Does Carl Dickinson get a good reception from the home fans tomorrow?

CD: I'd like to think so, but you never know how it's going to go! I'd like to think so as I think I left on good terms. If I do then it's one of them. I'm not really fussed about that. I'm just trying to concentrate on doing my job for Yeovil.

RH: How do we assess Notts County? They're the big guns of League Two, although they haven't had the best of starts in the league.

CD: No, but I think they're in a bit of a transition period for Notts County. They've spent quite a bit of money for a team in League Two. I think they've spent roughly around four-hundred-plus thousand. They've got quite a few new players in. It does take time but they've signed some really good players. So we're under no illusions how tough tomorrow night is going to be. Obviously they're looking for their first win as well. They had a fantastic home record last season. It's something that we have to be wary of, but I think the way our performances have been especially over the last couple of games, there's no reason why we can't go there and put in a good performance and get a good result.

RH: We spoke to some Yeovil fans on Tuesday and if you didn't know the score, you'd have thought that Yeovil had won, as they were that positive. Everything but the result on Tuesday wasn't it?

CD: It's not very often that you get clapped like that after getting beaten. I think it just shows that in a short space of time how far we've come and what we're actually trying to do this season. I think as long as you give 100 percent and wear your heart on your sleeve and give everything, then I that speaks volumes, and I think we've done that, especially in the last two games at home. That's the standard that we set ourselves, and we have to make sure that we maintain that in every game.

RH: If you do keep that up, Darren Way talked about it and said it was like the old Yeovil on Tuesday. There were six thousand people inside of Huish Park and the place was buzzing. If you keep playing like that, it can only be a good thing, can't it?

CD: Yes definitely - like I've said it's about standards, and it's about making sure that we set high standards now. It's up to us to make sure we stick together as a whole team and a whole squad and we maintain those levels. There is going to be ups and downs during the season, but if we've got that togetherness and that workrate and that commitment for one another, then it does take you a long way.

RH: I guess if Alex Fisher was 18 he'd be really downbeat, but he's 28, and his experience will help him get over the penalty save on Tuesday.

CD: Yes, definitely. I've just told him he can go and score one tomorrow, and that will help us out even more.

RH: Absolutely! Just generally then, what is the feeling at Huish Park amongst the players. The season is so young so it's going to take a while to know where you're really at.

CD: Yes definitely, like I've said it's early doors for everyone. We're still working on things that we want to get into our game. I think that especially over the last two home games, you've seen quite a few parts of what we're trying to do. I think it's been exciting to watch. Like I say it's about making sure we stick to what the gaffer wants us to do, and that we still believe in it, and that we all trust in what we're trying to do. I think that if we keep performing the way we have done over these last few games, it should stand us in good stead for throughout the season - just making sure that there are going to be ups and downs, but it's about getting through them, sticking together, and making sure that we keep believing in what we're trying to do.

RH: It would just send a little signal to teams. I know some people have tipped Yeovil to struggle, but if you were to go to Notts County and get a positive result, with home games against Oldham and Stevenage you could end August really strongly.

CD: Yes definitely - it's one of them where you just take each game as it comes, if you want to try to perform to the best of your ability. To me it doesn't matter who we are against. Obviously there are going to be games where they probably think, 'ah it's only Yeovil' and we'll turn them over. But that's up to us to be sure that no matter who we play against that we always give them a tough game. Like I say, we're not going to win every game, but we want to make sure that we're giving the opposition a tough game. Even if we don't get a decent result, it's not because we haven't given enough.

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