Interview : Alex Fisher : 17/03/2018
Alex Fisher Speaks To The BBC After The 1-0 Win Against Colchester United
Alex Fisher
Alex Fisher
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Yeovil Town striker Alex Fisher spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles, in an interview for BBC Somerset, after his side had beaten Colchester United 1-0 on Saturday 17th March 2018.

CS: Alex congratulations - your second Yeovil goal and it gave a well-earned three points today.

AF: Yes, it was a tough game and the conditions weren't the best. But it was a real spirited team performance, and I think we took a lot of positives out of the Exeter game that we managed to see through today.

CS: You played up in Scotland so I guess you're probably accustomed to cold conditions like this?

AF: Yes, we've had a fair few games like this. It's always tricky in games like that because the wind wasn't necessarily consistent; it was quite swirly, which does affect people on the pitch. But it's great to put a real good shift in and come out with three points.

CS: How much of it on a day like this, is about mentally tuning to the conditions, to make sure that you can go out and play your football?

AF: There's a lot of that. You can't switch off for a second, because that's all it takes for them to get back into a game and score a goal. The fact that we saw it through for the whole 90 minutes is credit to the boys, because they did a superb job at the back.

CS: There were a fair few people involved in your goal. The long throw, the flick-on and I think Francois Zoko set it back for you perfectly.

AF: Yes, sometimes it happens so quick, it's hard to know who did what, in the moment. I just saw the ball land close to my feet, and I didn't want to be asked twice. I thought it could be my only chance in the game, and I just happened to put it away.

CS: After your goal, a great defensive performance from the team, with lots of blocks. The goalkeeper Stuart Nelson was outstanding.

AF: I was going to say that he deserves a special mention. A fantastic penalty save early on, which set us up, because that obviously would have really changed the game. So it was a great performance from him. An experienced guy back there has really helped us through, especially in the late stages.

CS: People were saying even before he started playing in the team, he was having a positive influence in the dressing room with all the experience that he has got.

AF: Yes, it's gold dust. I don't know how other teams have got on today but it's not exactly certain that we're staying up this year, but that kind of experience at this time of the season is a real big thing.

CS: For you personally, to get back to back starts. You've been waiting patiently but you've started two games now.

AF: Yes, that's nice. It's nice to get a bit of consistency. But we've got such a great set of lads here and such a good team spirit. You could be in one week, and out the next, and perhaps back in on the next. So you've just got to keep your head down and work hard. Everyone does that, and we all pull together for the same purpose.

CS: You say that staying up isn't certain, but you've got an eleven point buffer now and you're getting a lot closer to what everyone would see as the finishing line, aren't you?

AF: Yes, we have a target that we've been set by the gaffer that we want to try to reach, that would make for a very successful season for the club, considering the last few seasons where we haven't been that strong. So that is what we're setting out to do, and we're three points closer to that.

CS: Almost two weeks without a game now. Does that mean lots of hard work on the training ground?

AF: Yes, there will be plenty of that. But with the amount of games and the game time that a lot of the lads have had, it's also a well-earned rest for quite a few players. So I think it will be used quite smartly. We'll work hard, but we'll also get the necessary rest that we need at the same time.

CS: Are you finally settled in the south? It was a bit of a whirlwind when you first joined the club.

AF: It certainly was. It's great being in an area that is quite close to family. When the off-the-pitch situation is as good as on-the-pitch then you get a really nice balance and that's what I feel I've managed to get in the last few weeks.

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