Interview : Jake Gray : 04/11/2017
Jake Gray Speaks To The BBC After The 1-0 Win Against Southend United
Jake Gray
Jake Gray
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Yeovil Town midfielder Jake Gray spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles, in an interview for BBC Somerset, after his side had beaten Southend United 1-0 in the FA Cup on Saturday 4th November 2017.

CS: Jake, back in the side today, playing against a team from a higher level, but you gave a great account of yourselves.

JG: Yes, I think that when you play teams from a higher league, you've got to put more into it, and show that you can compete with them, and I think that in the first half and the second half we did that. We were snapping into tackles and winning the ball back, and trying to counter on them. We gave a good account of ourselves.

CS: Their player on social media this week said they're in League One, and you're in League Two and I think the manager made you aware of that before the game, and aware of the comment that suggested that they should be able to just turn up and win.

JG: Yes, we all saw it, and the manager showed us that. We just wanted to put on a performance, and I think we've done that. He might think twice next time.

CS: In the first half in particular, you were totally dominant. You scored the one goal, and you could have scored more in that first half, couldn't you?

JG: Yes, I think we should have been a bit more clinical. We had the chances, and we were a bit unlucky, but that will come maybe next week. I think we gave a good account of ourselves and we can take that forward into forthcoming games.

CS: It was different in the second half as you had more defending to do. But you did it very well and you kept the clean sheet, which was all important.

JG: Yes, I think we've been really strong at home this year. Smithy (Nathan Smith) and Omar Sowunmi at the back headed everything away, and the full-backs do what they do best. Tom James got a few off the line there. But we know that we've got forwards going the other way, and we can counter-attack teams. That's our strength. So it was a good game.

CS: How much did you enjoy it down the right-hand side during that first half, with you and Rhys Browne, and with Bevis. You caused them a lot of problems down that side, didn't you?

JG: Yes, I said after the game to Rhys that we countered really well, and hopefully we can take that forward. But I really enjoyed it. We were on a good wavelength today, and long may that continue.

CS: You're through to the Second Round now. It's all about clubs at this level, trying to get through to the Third Round, and we all know what that could bring?

JG: Yes, it's an exciting time. The manager made us aware that cup runs can take your season up, and you never know where it can take you. Obviously we're excited for the draw. You never know who you can get, but hopefully a home tie in front of the fans would be a pretty good tie for us.

CS: I think the manager made you aware of the giant-killing traditions of this club. When they were a non-league club they had the most amount of teams that they'd knocked out.

JG: Yes, I saw a little video on it this week. They've been there and they've done it, so they can pass those experiences on to us. That's what they did. Hopefully we can emulate what they've done, and create our own little cup run.

CS: For you, being back in the side, wanting to keep your place and get a run now.

JG: Yes, definitely - I think I put in a positive performance today, and I really enjoyed it, playing with the boys. Everyone put in a great shift, and hopefully we can keep that going, and I can keep in the team.

CS: Omar Sowunmi was awarded the Man of the Match by the sponsors. How much have you seen him develop as a central defender in the first team over the last few weeks?

JG: Yes, he's been unbelievable, to be fair. With that size, the frame, the speed, he's got everything to succeed at this level and higher. So we've been really impressed with him, and hopefully he can continue this. He's a big giant at the back for us, so we're pleased to have him.

CS: You'll be glued to the the draw on Monday night, so see who you get now?

JG: Yes, we're all excited. There were big celebrations after the game, but we're not getting carried away. It's exciting times for the club.

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