Interview : Adam Lockwood : 28/08/2002
Adam Lockwood after the 3-2 win over Nuneaton
Adam Lockwood
Adam Lockwood
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Martin Badger Baker talked to defender Adam Lockwood on Wednesday 28th August 2002  48 hours after he had scored his debut goal for the Glovers in the 3-2 win over Nuneaton.

MB: It was a pretty good weekend for us  six points was a real boost, wasnt it?

AL: Yes, we needed that to get the lads confidence back up and to kick-start our season. The sooner we did that, the better for us as a team and for everybody involved in the club. So its been a good weekend. Everybody knows the quality weve got in the squad and the strength in depth, so I think it was only a matter of time before we did shine through. Weve just got to keep on working hard and see how it goes from here.

MB: We had most of our best performances last season on our travels, so it must have been good to put on a good show at home against what I thought was a pretty reasonable Nuneaton side.

AL: We knew theyd be a decent team, but if we play our football and work hard, and focus on our game, then I think we would beat most sides. Thats the theme  weve got to keep working hard.

MB: We were 2-1 up, with about 15 minutes to go, so whats a full back doing popping up in a centre-forwards position at that stage of the game?

AL: I think we had a corner or a wide free kick and it got half-cleared. But I thought I would stay up there and take a gamble. Gav went into that corner and was ready to pull the trigger and cross it. I just saw a hole that I could move into, and so I just went for it. He played a great ball in for me. I think weve got a group of players where the ability levels of many are above the Conference. I think there is a lot of ability in the squad, so I dont think we should be too surprised when someone like Gav puts together a move like that.

MB: Youve scored a few in pre-season as well. Have you been doing anything different in your game for that to start happening?

AL: I havent been doing anything different. I just think that when you do get a chance, no matter when it is during the game, youve just got to make sure you take it. Ive had a few chances that have just dropped to me and Ive managed to take a few of them. Weve scored eight goals and a different person has scored them all and I think that shows the adaptability of the team and the way weve been playing  everyone can chip in from all areas. The strikers often do a defensive job, so I think that from a defenders point of view its our duty to sometimes do an attackers job. Thats the attitude of the whole team  everyone is helping everyone else and weve got to keep that attitude going.

MB: You might not have been on the field in the second half  do you know what happened there?

AL: I just got caught with an elbow. I went to get a cross and I think an elbow caught me. I knew that it was just a matter of getting it stitched up and getting back up there. Wed got ourselves back in front and there were only a couple of minutes until half time. So I wanted to see if I could get that cut sorted and get back out there, because if you go down to ten men, you dont want to leave it like that for too long. But it was fortunate that the doc could take his time and do a good job over half time.

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