Interview : Alex Lacey : 04/05/2017
Alex Lacey Speaks To The BBC As Part Of The Build-Up To Colchester
Alex Lacey
Alex Lacey
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Yeovil Town centre-back Alex Lacey spoke to BBC Somerset on Thursday 4th May 2017 as part of the build-up to the trip to Colchester United.

DA: Alex, relief last weekend to finally get that mathematically secured and your place in League Two safe.

AL: Yes of course. It was the most important thing for us at the time. To get that and still have a game left, we're obviously very happy with that.

DA: So how do you approach this game now, where you can go and enjoy it, with little or no pressure?

AL: Yes obviously now we're up, there's a little bit less pressure. But we're going there for the win. So I don't think anything is really going to change in the way that we prepare for it. So hopefully we'll get the win.

DA: And from their point of view they still have the chances of the play-offs. So you know that they are going to throw everything at you.

AL: I think that much like Stevenage they are still going for the play-offs, so we know it's going to be a tough game. They've got a lot to play for, but it's really up to us to finish the season on a high.

DA: Does that help you when your opponents have got something to play for, in that it can bring the best out of you by making it a more competitive game?

AL: Yes definitely. Obviously they're going to have the play-offs on their mind, so it's up to us to upset that area.

DA: You must have enjoyed this season in terms of the game time that you've had this season.

AL: It's been very good for me to play in every game that I've been fit for. So I'm very happy with that and the way that I've played and I'm delighted to get some awards at the end of the season as well.

DA: And how do you look back on the season overall from a team aspect?

AL: I think in the first half of the season we were excellent, and obviously going into the play-offs. We then had a bit of a bad run of form. It's been a difficult second half of the season but we've really rallied around. To get safety at the end was obviously an achievement so hopefully we can press on.

DA: I suppose you start turning your attention to the summer. You're one of the players out of contract. Have you had any negotiations with the club?

AL: I'm due to sit down with the gaffer in the next few days so hopefully we'll have a chat then.

DA: Is it something that you'd be open to and you'd like to stay with Yeovil Town?

AL: Yes sure. I think it's been very good for me to play games here. I've enjoyed my time here, so that will be one of the things that we'll talk about in the next few days.

DA: There are a lot of players that are out of contract. Does that come into your mind as well, when you're looking at other players that will be here next season?

AL: Yes of course. It's obviously a time to rebuild. It's pretty similar to last season as well. It's definitely important for the club and for the players to get contracts sorted.

DA: You say you've enjoyed this season. It's two years that you've been here now. So it's probably flown by in that respect. You've enjoyed that whole period here?

AL: Yes, sure. It's been excellent and it's been good for me and my footballing. So it's been good to come here, and especially in this season to play in almost every game has been very good for me.

DA: Important then from your point of view to finish on a high this weekend.

AL: Yes definitely. It's obviously the last game before the summer, so we want to go out on a high.

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