Interview : Francois Zoko : 18/03/2017
Francois Zoko Speaks To The BBC After The 1-1 Draw Against Accrington Stanley
Francois Zoko
Francois Zoko
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Yeovil Town striker Francois Zoko spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles, in an interview for BBC Somerset, after his side drew 1-1 with Accrington Stanley on Saturday 18th March 2017.

CS: Francois, you really were the centre of all of the action this afternoon. First of all tell us about the goal. A vital equaliser.

FZ: Yes, I scored from the (corner) kick. Matty hit it properly and I had the touch in it, and it was in. I should have scored before, as I had another chance, but I didn't take it. This is where we have to do better actually.

CS: The team is creating chances now. In the last couple of games. In the last couple of games there have been lots of goals scored. You must be enjoying playing in this team at the moment.

FZ: Yes, I'm enjoying it. The team is playing well actually. We are doing well, we're training well. I think we have to keep playing like that, and then we'll score. Today we had a lot of chances. We didn't have luck on our side but we have to keep working like that, and then definitely we'll score more goals.

CS: We said that you were at the centre of all the action. How are you? It was a particularly nasty challenge on you that saw Scott Brown sent off today.

FZ: Yes, it was a bad one. This is the danger of football sometimes. People come and do things sometimes. Maybe he doesn't mean it. I've spoken to the guy, and he's very sorry for that, and said he didn't mean it, but it's happened. I'm glad - thank you God - that it is not bad. So I'm feeling well and I'm looking forward to next weekend's game.

CS: You've obviously had treatment. Whereabouts was the impact and how bad was it?

FZ: It's the outside of my leg, and where my knee turns. I had a big impact on my leg, but I think I will be fine.

CS: Just to clarify, Scott Brown came to see you after the game, to come and apologise for what he'd done?

FZ: Yes, after the game we spoke. I know he's a good lad, but sometimes you can do something or an action, and you don't mean it or want to hurt someone. It's happened, and I think he's not the type of player who would do a thing like that. It wasn't a good challenge, but no-one was really hurt, so it's fine.

CS: And of course with them down to ten men, it was all Yeovil, wasn't it? You had the possession, you had the territory, you had the chances, but you just couldn't find that winner today.

FZ: Yes, this is all about some of games that we play actually. We draw and draw and we don't lose a lot of games. But you have to find a way to score these goals and kill the game. It's hard to not be frustrated after this game, but this is football. Next week we will come back in training with a big smile, and keep working hard, and then think about the next game which is a local derby and go into that game with a lot of positive thinking.

CS: You've got eleven goals now. Eight games left. How many goals can you get now? What sort of a target can you set for yourself?

FZ: This is the question that everyone is asking. But the thing is, I wanted to win the game. I want the team to finish stronger, and a lot of exciting play. We have to build on that. So I will do like I always do and try my best to score. But the most important thing is that the team win.

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