Interview : Francois Zoko : 19/11/2016
Francois Zoko Speaks To The BBC After The 2-1 Win Against Colchester United
Francois Zoko
Francois Zoko
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Yeovil Town striker Francois Zoko spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles, in an interview for BBC Somerset, after he had scored the equalising goal against Colchester United in a 2-1 win on Saturday 19th November 2016.

CS: Francois, on as a sub and scoring the equalising goal. What a game that was this afternoon.

FZ: Yes, what a game. It was the kind of a game where we dominated it right from the start and had a lot of chances. Today it was like that. We had to be patient, to believe, and to have character to come back and win the game.

CS: The manager brought you on to get a goal. You're in great form now as you've got three in your last four games.

FZ: Yes, again after I had my long injury, no pressure was on so we were working hard in training, to give me time to get back to my best level. But the team is going well, week after week, so I'm happy with the team first, and for me it is good.

CS: What about your goal today - you spun and put it in at that near post. Did you catch the keeper by surprise?

FZ: To be honest, yes I did. We work on the finishing. In that position, I tried to go first (early) and hard, as it would be fifty-fifty after. Today I had the chance and I took it.

CS: What is it about this team that you just never give up? At Stevenage seven days ago, I think it was a 96th minute equaliser, and today it was a last minute winner from Tahvon (Campbell). What is it about this team?

FZ: With everything about this group, when we play, we play with our heart. I think the dressing room is unbelievable. Some young lads mixed with older players. There's a very good atmosphere and I think on the pitch we try to do our best and never give up, and today this shows our attitude every day in training.

CS: The win takes you up to eighth. You're only out of the play-offs on goal difference. There's a real belief around this team that you can win promotion, isn't there?

FZ: I think the first thing for me, from my point of view, and why I stayed here, is because I believe in that. Then more when I came in on the first day, and then the first week of training, and I saw the players that were there, they are quality players, and the gaffer has done well. I think the group is good enough and now it is about how much we want it.

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