Interview : Artur Krysiak : 12/03/2016
Artur Krysiak Speaks To The BBC After The 1-0 Win Against Notts County
Artur Krysiak
Artur Krysiak
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Yeovil Town manager Darren Way spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles, in an interview for BBC Somerset, after his side had won 1-0 against Notts County on Saturday 12th March 2016.

CS: Artur, a fourth consecutive 1-0 win and a fifth consecutive clean sheet for you. You must be very pleased.

AK: Clean sheets win you games. In the last couple of games we've proved that if we can keep a clean sheet then we can win. Credit to the boys because they are doing great work. Notts County didn't have a shot on target during the second half, so they are doing so well - credit to them.

CS: You must be pleased with all these 1-0 wins, but is there a part of you that thinks please score a second, just to make it a little bit easier, just in case one was to go in at the other end?

AK: Well, I nearly lost my head in the second half. We should have won by four or five. But sometimes you can be critical and you want that second goal. But a win is a win and you don't judge a winning team right now if you're winning 1-0. A 1-0 is enough, as you can see, and we climb higher up the league so we are closer. So for the players, we're buzzing.

CS: Is there a feeling among the players that you really should have scored more? You had the penalty. I think you've just been speaking to Scott Loach, who made some good saves as well.

AK: I just said to Loachy that he did fantastically. Some of the saves that he put out were incredible. But to be critical, we need to be clinical in the final third. But that will come, and as I've said 1-0 is enough to get the three points.

CS: With five clean sheets and the six minutes at the end of the Portsmouth game, it's 456 minutes for you now without conceding a goal. How does that compare with other runs in your career? Is that up with the best that you've had?

AK: It's one of the best but I don't look at my personal achievement. It's the team that is keeping the clean sheets still. So to be fair, until you said that it's five clean sheets in a row, I didn't even know. The stats mean nothing to me. At the moment, we're trying to stay in the league and prove everyone wrong, and that they can't write Yeovil Town off. It's a great achievement but we have to move on, and get ready for the Cambridge game.

CS: I know lots of strikers get a goal bonus. As a goalkeeper do you get a clean sheet bonus?

AK: That's a personal question (laughs) - I can't answer it! No, I don't.

CS: It would be nice though - you'd be doing well if you did!

AK: Oh yes, definitely. But not in Yeovil right now - maybe in the future!

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