Interview : Francois Zoko : 20/02/2016
Francois Zoko Speaks To The BBC After The 1-1 Draw Against Portsmouth
Francois Zoko
Francois Zoko
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Yeovil Town striker Francois Zoko spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles, in an interview for BBC Somerset, after he scored in the 1-1 draw with Portsmouth on Saturday 20th February 2016.

CS: Francois, another goal for you but how frustrating is it that you couldn't hang on for a win today?

FZ: Yes, it's a big frustration for us, because I think that throughout all of the game we deserved the three points. I had another chance earlier in the game, and the keeper made a good save. We then scored - we did the difficult thing and we scored first. After they took their goal, but we have to be positive. It's a point and we'll take it, and we're going to continue to build on this point before the Tuesday game (against Plymouth Argyle).

CS: Tell us about the goal. How did you manage to squeeze it past the goalkeeper as he came out there?

FZ: I will tell you that I just kept my head and bagged it. I didn't try to do anything stupid, like kick it harder. With the first one that I had on target, I tried to put it down and low. But in the second half I did exactly the same and it went in. That's the little bit of luck, but this is football. So I'm happy with the goal, but I would have been more happy if we'd had the three points. But like I've said, we have to keep positive, and look forward to the Tuesday game.

CS: Do you have to be pleased that you've played against a team that is chasing for promotion here today, and you've given a really good account of yourselves.

FZ: Yes, if you've seen the last few weeks, our team is not bad at all. We'll take the point and we were doing some right things. At Hartlepool we were a little unlucky, but we can take something from this. But if you take the last few weeks and every player, it is not a big surprise. It is not a big surprise that we've performed like that today. For us, we know what we are doing and we will keep working hard, to make sure, as we want to do this.

CS: For you, you're a regular goalscorer. You spent the first couple of months of the season not playing football. How pleased are you now to be playing, scoring goals and enjoying yourself?

FZ: I'm happy - I'm happy. But like I've said, if you don't have any pre-season, to be honest it's a hard game. It's hard because to play in the team, you need a lot of energy and you need to work hard. But that doesn't matter - you have to give everything that you can and see what happens. I'm just enjoying it with the team. The guys are fantastic. We work hard in the same way with the manager, and I think we are proving ourselves too because it's not easy when you come somewhere and the team are not doing well. But we're trying to change it, and we're still fighting. We're still positive - very positive, and we'll do our everything.

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