Interview : Jack Compton : 30/01/2016
Jack Compton Speaks To The BBC After The 3-2 Win Against AFC Wimbledon
Jack Compton
Jack Compton
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Yeovil Town winger Jack Compton spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles, in an interview for BBC Somerset, after he scored a hat-trick in the 3-2 win over AFC Wimbledon on Saturday 30th January 2016.

CS: Jack you're holding the match ball, for scoring a hat-trick. It says 'Compton on Flames' - is that a fair summing up of your performance today?

JC: It was one of my better games obviously. That was after not having had the best of games last week and I wanted to prove that to the gaffer. He's given me the opportunity and he's put me in and said you've got to have your best game today. Obviously I've shown that I can change games.

CS: We've looked at your record in pro football. It looks like it's your first hat-trick in a professional game - when was the last time you scored a hat-trick?

JC: Probably in my younger years when I was at Portsmouth as a kid, for Under-13s or something like that. But the gaffer has given me a role where I've got to go and score goals now. Obviously I've proved that role today. He's old me I've got to get my scoring tally up now, and hopefully I can carry on from this.

CS: You've been used to playing as a winger, and getting wide and getting crosses in. But it seems the manager is trying to get you to play more centrally where you become more of a goal threat.

JC: Yes all my life I've been a winger, and assists has been more of what I've been capable of, in creating goals. But the gaffer has put this on me now and I want to grab it with two hands, and whilst he's playing me in this position I want to score as many goals as I can.

CS: The first goal was a standard goal, as you've just described. Just talk us through the second - was it a cross or was it a shot?

JC: (laughs) I did see it. Obviously the gaffer has pointed out before the game about the keeper's height and stuff like that. He was so far off his line, so I just decided that I'd put a bit more on it, and I put it in towards the back post, and I've aimed for the back post. So I've gambled for it, and I'm just glad that it went in.

CS: A little bit of a reluctant celebration though?

JC: I'm just glad it went in, to be honest. My intention is to put the ball in the back of the net, and if we get a flick on it, there we go. But with every free kick that I put in from that area, I'm going for goal at the back post, and that's the aim for what we do.

CS: Then there was the penalty and Kevin Dawson goes down. We've seen Matty Dolan miss and Francois Zoko miss, or had penalties saved and missed. So was it always going to be you today and were you always confident?

JC: The gaffer pulled me in before the last game and told me on the Friday that he was going to speak to the lads and that I was on penalties. So I'm not going to say no to that. I used to take them for Hartlepool, so that's what I did today.

CS: It just worked out perfectly. At half time were you thinking 'I've got two, so there's a real chance of a hat-trick here'?

JC: Yes, I room with Jakub Sokolik and he said that you're not going to get another opportunity like this - it's a rare opportunity. So I thought 'cheers mate'! But it came along and I'm glad that it did.

CS: And just how big is this win for Yeovil Town - coming to Wimbledon who are probably the in form team in League Two in recent weeks, and winning here?

JC: Literally that's all the gaffer has wanted - an away win - because that's what we haven't done this season. We've crossed every line that he's put out for us at the moment. We're getting on that run and that's now two back-to-back wins. With this game everyone was up for it. You could see it in training all week, this week. I'm just glad that the lads have held on, because we were under a lot of pressure at the end, and I'm just glad the lads held on and got that win, as that's what we couldn't do in the past. Now we're showing we're a solid team and we've got such a depth in our squad now. If you look at the bench today, we had Gillett and Dawson and we've now got Harry Cornick back. So I think we're going to be a massive threat.

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