Interview : Francois Zoko : 12/12/2015
Francois Zoko Speaks To The BBC After The 2-2 Draw Against Barnet
Francois Zoko
Francois Zoko
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Yeovil Town striker Francois Zoko spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles, in an interview for BBC Somerset, after he had scored twice in the 2-2 draw against Barnet on Saturday 12th December 2015.

CS: Francois, congratulations - your first goals for Yeovil. How good does that feel?

FZ: Good - it's always good when you get some goals. But more important for us today was to take the three points. We needed it, and it didn't happen, but it was a good feeling when you see the second half. We gave a lot of hope and a lot of effort, and with the work we are doing with the gaffer. Sometimes you need some crazy scenarios to give you the kick that you need, for young boys, everybody and the fans to go back again and think. It's a point and we'll take it. Some people are disappointed, but as a team you have to know that it is a good point. You can do something from that. With the scenario that happened today, I think that it is positive.

CS: How much confidence can you take personally from scoring two goals, and of course in that you're getting fitter all the time as well?

FZ: Yes, I don't really think about that when I play. I don't just think score, score, score. When I came here, I knew I wasn't fit, so I worked hard every day in training. The gaffer had done some work for me to get back, with 90 minutes during the week. So after I knew after that I was good and fit, and that I would try to help my team as much as I can - to score, or assist or to do something else.

CS: And with the second goal, tell us about that, because at one point it looked like you were going to take on their entire defence. You were determined to score that second goal, weren't you?

FZ: Determined? I think I was reflecting the team, and the team wanted to do it. The team wanted to push it, and try to come back and score, and try to win the game. At half time we knew that we could do it, and we showed our fans that we could do it, so they were still with us in the second half. Unfortunately today we didn't have the third goal that we needed, but we can take something from that.

CS: You've completed back-to-back 90 minutes now. How important is that for you to know that your fitness is good enough to get through games and start improving?

FZ: It's important, because I feel good at this moment. I feel okay, with no problems, but it is important now for me to get a good rest and on Monday come back and prepare for the next game.

CS: Of course for the first two months of this season you weren't playing first team football. How pleased are you to be back amongst it and scoring goals again in the Football League?

FZ: I'm happy - sometimes things happen in football and you don't control everything. I made the choice to wait a bit, because I wanted to go somewhere that I knew I could enjoy. I knew that if I could find a club, I could go somewhere and start training and then I would start doing something. This is the start, and I hope I will continue to work hard, but more importantly it's about what the team are doing. I think the boys are doing the right things in training, and I think we are going to show it in the next few games.

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