Interview : Ben Tozer : 05/12/2015
Ben Tozer Speaks To The BBC After The 1-0 Win Against Stevenage
Ben Tozer
Ben Tozer
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Yeovil Town defender/midfielder Ben Tozer spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles, in an interview for BBC Somerset, after his side had won 1-0 against Stevenage in the FA Cup Second Round.

CS: Ben, congratulations with the match-winning goal - it just opened up for you there.

BT: Yes it was lovely. I could see Shaun Jeffers on the ball for a while and I was just thinking 'come on, see me, see me, pass it to me'. To be fair the touch fell perfectly to me, and enough for me to hit it straight away. As soon as I hit it, I thought it had got a chance. I think he maybe got a hand to it, but fortunately it went in. I'm obviously buzzing to get my first goal for the club.

CS: It was a good time to score, as there wasn't much time for them to come back after that goal.

BT: No definitely, and I felt that we had the momentum at the time as well. The ball seemed to be up at that end of the pitch for the five minutes before that, and pretty much for the rest of the game. They had a couple of balls that they lumped into the box, but there was only a few minutes left for them to really do anything. Last time we played them, they scored with two minutes to go so it was pretty much a case of staying concentrated and doing what we'd got to do.

CS: Is that one of the most pleasing aspects today, in the way that Yeovil ended the game, in that you were definitely the stronger side in those closing stages?

BT: Definitely in the closing stages. It's obviously a sign of our fitness and the fact that we were on the front foot with the last ten minutes to go. I don't know whether it's because it's a cup tie and you've got nothing to lose, but you just want to go for it. Nobody wants a replay two hundred miles away on a Tuesday night, because it can hamper your league form doing all of those journeys. So I think it was a case of either you go through or we go through, and fortunately we did.

CS: You're into the third round and Darren Way wins his first game in charge of the club. That's much needed, isn't it?

BT: Yes, obviously it's a massive boost for him, and it's a massive boost for us. I don't know if it's good or bad that we've got this game on Tuesday (against Oxford United in the Football League Trophy). It's a long journey but if we can get the win and have a positive result there, which I believe we can, then it would be great, but you just kind of want to kick on with the league. After a win you just want to go straight into a league game, and go off the back of that and get another win. So it's obviously great for him, and I'm happy for him. But more importantly I'm happy for the lads because we needed it. With five minutes to go, we kind of felt that we were going to have a go.

CS: Now you need to transfer this cup form into the league - you've won five cup games this season, but only two in the league. It's a very strange situation, isn't it?

BT: It's unbelievable really, isn't it? What does that say? I don't know! Does it say that we're kind of playing on the edge in the league games? I don't know, but we need to turn the league form around drastically and very quickly. That's the most important thing. With this game today, hopefully we'll get a good draw and it will earn the club a few quid and we can take that into a league game.

CS: It's the draw on Monday night, and you've played for a Premier League club - is there any preference for who you get on Monday?

BT: I'm an Arsenal fan, so maybe Arsenal. I wouldn't like to play them away, as I'd come off the pitch feeling very bad, I think! I don't know - it would be nice to get a home one really. A big club at home would get the atmosphere going and get some positive energy going about the place, and I think that would be great - especially as they wouldn't fancy themselves in this wind. So a big club, and Arsenal at home would be nice!

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