Interview : Adam Lockwood : 11/02/2006
Adam Lockwood after the 1-0 defeat at Port Vale
Adam Lockwood
Adam Lockwood
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Defender Adam Lockwood talked to the press after he played in central defence during Yeovil's 1-0 defeat at Port Vale on February 11th 2006.

Qu: It's not often that you say to a central defender that you might have had a hat-trick but that was an incredible 20 minutes during which you were really in the thick of things.

AL: Yes, you've just got to attack in whatever way that you can really. We've got to get some goals and everybody has got to try and score for the team. That's what I am trying to do.

Qu: The one that was off the line - was that the one that you thought was probably the closest to going in?

AL: Yes, although I wasn't really sure with a few of them. You just get your head in the way and obviously try and get it as close to goal as you possibly can. Hopefully you get one of them, but today things just didn't seem to drop for us and we were unlucky really.

Qu: The stats will tell you that you must have had at least a dozen pretty reasonable chances. How is it that the ball hasn't gone in the back of the net?

AL: I don't know, I think things just haven't happened for us, and I know that's no excuse. We've done all right today and we've just been a bit unlucky but we have got to make our own luck, by keep playing and working hard. The lads have worked really hard today but we just haven't come away with what we wanted. We've just got to carry on doing what we are doing now and not give up on our beliefs.

Qu: Do you feel any pressure from the bottom end of the table which is getting closer?

AL: Football is a pressure game and that is what you have got to thrive on. Every game has pressure in it, in some way or other. You've just got to go out there and try and enjoy yourself and obviously try and get the results that you want. Hopefully come the end of the season everything will have worked out OK.

Qu: MK Dons are below you, so Tuesday night will be a big big game won't it?

AL: Yes, but they are all big games. Every game in which you go out and put a shirt on is a big game. It doesn't matter who you are playing because at the end of the day three points is three points and that is what you want - you've just got to try and keep getting as many points as you can. Like I've said, come the end of the season, we will be able to see what we've got.

Qu: You've played them fairly recently - what did you think of that encounter?

AL: Yes I wasn't actually there though, as I was away on loan! I was down at Torquay so I can't really say anything about that.

Qu: Today you have gone a third game without scoring and a third game without a win, how do you keep your spirits up and say well we have played very well today?

AL: You've got to carry on believing in your own ability. The squad has got to stay together which it has been. We have got to believe in what we want to achieve. If we keep believing in that, then we have always got a chance.

Qu: And you are probably one of the more senior players here now because the team has got so much younger. Does that add to the responsibility for you?

AL: Yes, although everybody has got to go out onto the pitch whether you are 18, 19 or 35. You have got to go out onto that pitch and take responsibility. That is part and parcel of the game. That is something that I enjoy doing and I think quite a few of the other lads enjoy doing it. The more people that go out and do that, the easier it is to share the workload for everybody else.

Qu: Just a final thought on being back in a Yeovil shirt after having that loan spell at Torquay. Do you feel that did you a lot of good?

AL: Yes definitely. I got out and I got my mental sharpness back up to full levels again. It's always good to be back and playing football games, no matter what level. It is just good to play football. Obviously I have enjoyed my years here so far and I just want to carry that on. It's been good to get back.

Qu: So fingers crossed for Tuesday night and a win would make everyone feel a lot better.

AL: Yes, it's like I've said, we've just to keep on believing in what we believe. Hopefully things will drop our way and we might get a little bit of luck. But you need to be able to earn your own luck to do it and for things to go OK.

[Interview by BBC Bristol's Alistair Durden. Transcript by Martin Baker.]

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