Interview : Chris Weale : 21/11/2015
Chris Weale Speaks To The BBC After The 0-0 Draw Against Newport
Chris Weale
Chris Weale
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Yeovil Town goalkeeper Chris Weale spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles, in an interview for BBC Somerset, after the 0-0 draw against Newport County on Saturday 21st November 2015.

CS: Chris, congratulations - I suppose a goalkeeper is always pleased with a clean sheet.

CW: Yes, I'm pleased with the clean sheet obviously. We defended quite well in the second half. During the first half I thought we played some good football and created some good chances. It probably was the case that during the second half we were under the cosh a little bit. But that's what you obviously expect when you're away from home.

CS: There were two saves that I can remember from you. One at the back post where you smothered quite a powerful shot, and then there was a near post corner where you had to be quite alert as well.

CW: Yes, but that's my job - that's what I'm here for. I'm obviously pleased to make saves, but as a team collectively it's great to have a clean sheet.

CS: You're very modest as you've said that to me in interviews in the past, that it's your job, but there must be part of you that is proud that you played a full part today in earning a point?

CW: Yes I'm pleased - since I've come back in, I've been pleased with my performances and I've been enjoying playing my football.

CS: Are you pleased to keep your place, as you came in when Artur Krysiak was suspended. You've done a lot of coaching and you've been billed as the goalkeeper-coach, but clearly inside you there's still a burning desire to be a first team player.

CW: (laughs) Of course - of course I want to play football. Everyone wants to play football. So of course there's a burning desire. Obviously that (coaching) is something that I would look to go down, and I am enjoying doing at the moment.

CS: We've spoken this season and you've been genuinely pleased with Artur's performances, because you're helping to develop him as a goalkeeper, aren't you?

CW: I've been really pleased and really impressed with his performances. He's mentioned himself that he wasn't happy with a couple of games before his sending off, but as a goalkeeper you're going to go through little dips, 14 or 15 games into a season. You're going to have a little dip but he's been up there with some really good performances for 14 or 15 games. You're going to have a little dip as everyone does. Over 46 games, if you play all 46 games, you're going to have a little dip. So he's working extremely hard. His attitude is brilliant and we work really well together. I can't praise him enough. He's very supportive of me, and I'm very supportive of him.

CS: You're a Yeovil lad - an East Coker lad - and you helped the club get into the Football League when they gained that promotion. What's it going to mean for you to help them pull away from the relegation zone, because the table as it stands at the moment doesn't make for good reading?

CW: No - no-one wants to see this club back in the Conference. I'll work as hard as I can do personally to keep Yeovil in the league. As you've seen in the last three or four games, we're much better than our league position suggests. But we need to convert that into results and three points. Hopefully after a couple of months and after Christmas, we'll be a lot more comfortable and maybe be sitting in midtable - you don't know. In terms of our performances over the last four games, it's very promising I'd say.

CS: It is four games unbeaten now. Is it too simplistic to say that the extra experience and the likes of Ben Tozer and Darren Ward have helped tip the balance, because that seems to be the case - you look much more solid now.

CW: Experience counts. You can't pay for experience - experience is brilliant. Wardy has come in and done a fantastic job and just settled everybody down, and for me it's fantastic playing behind him. I've wanted that for a while here at Yeovil, albeit that I haven't played that many games - but I think we've needed that. You know when you're playing with an experienced player, and you know when you're playing with a knowledgeable player who can read the game, and it just settles everybody down. It's helped me playing behind him massively. Obviously Ben Tozer coming in, is massively experienced as well, so I think with those two coming into the side and potentially with myself, has calmed everyone down a bit, because we've got a lot of young players and players on loan and stuff like that. So hopefully that can continue.

CS: If you are going to climb the table, then although coming away from home and getting a point is a creditable result, you need to start winning games at home, don't you? The last home win in the league was August against Luton. That's a long time, but you've got a home game on Tuesday night against Wycombe.

CW: Yes, like the manager has just said to us, if we can draw away but then win at home then you are doing well. So hopefully we can put on a decent performance on Tuesday night. But I think that as you can see from the last three or four games, when we get the ball down and play, then we can create chances and hopefully get three points.

CS: After that spell from not playing first team football, you're now playing Saturday and Tuesday, so are you coping okay with the demands of that?

CW: Yes, I'm fine. I was just speaking to Wardy (Darren Ward) about that. I don't know if everyone knows about foam rollers, but foam rollers are my friend at the moment! It's great and you just need to manage yourself, and as you get more experienced you just learn to manage it.

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