Interview : Glovers Trust : 11/06/2015
Brendon Owen Speaks To The BBC After The Open Meeting To Form A Supporters Trust
Brendan Owen
Brendan Owen
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Yeovil Town supporter Brendon Owen spoke to BBC Somerset presenter Emma Britton on Friday 6th November 2015, on the morning after a public meeting had been held to canvass support for the formation of a Supporters Trust.

EB: You were being very constructive, but also very firm that you weren't going to take any nonsense last night. So what happened?

BO: It was absolutely brilliant. A wonderful audience of supporters - supporters who had come together with the desire to take our club forward in a constructive and positive way.

EB: Was it what you hoped for, or were you surprised?

BO: It was more than I could have hoped for, to be honest. It was so positive, that it was fantastic.

EB: What was the general feeling amongst the fans that had come along?

BO: The general feeling was that they shared my feelings of sadness and disappointment about the way our club was going down and down, year after year. We all felt, as one, that it was time to do something about it.

EB: Did you have anyone who was over-passionate and who was saying 'sack this', 'sack that' or was it fairly well contained?

BO: It was fairly contained, to be honest. I advised people right at the very beginning that this was not a protest meeting, and that if anyone wanted to just cause heads to roll then they were at the wrong meeting and perhaps they'd like to leave. And fortunately nobody did. There were one or two grumbles from the back at one stage about a protest, but again it stopped almost immediately. Everybody was positive, and nobody wanted to bash anyone particularly - it was about let's see what we can do for the future.

EB: Do you think your chances of liaising with the club and the board and the management will be helped by the fact that you're being constructive, rather than ranting and raving?

BO: It has to be. Why should the club take any notice of people who are going to shout and scream about them, and abuse them? I wouldn't like that. I would like to deal with people who are positive, who are business-like, and who want to put something on a professional basis and come up with good ideas to help the club.

EB: So what happens next then Brendon?

BO: After we had our unanimous vote last night, I called for volunteers to step forward to set up a working party. We have been inundated with people coming forward to offer their help and we also had live streaming to 42 people who weren't able to be at the meeting. About twenty of those also offered their help immediately, so we've got a great big list that we need to trawl through, and I think that possibly what we'll do is to put people in groups according to their expertise and then give tasks to people within groups and then draw it all together with perhaps a steering group and see what we've got.

EB: Have you ever run a Supporters Trust before?

BO: Never!

EB: So you're going into the unknown?

BO: I'm in at the deep end!

EB: You are, but you sound incredibly positive about it.

BO: I really enjoyed it and I am very positive about it. Other people have tried in various ways to change things at the club and unfortunately they've been disappointed. I'm hoping that this time it will be the big push that we need.

EB: I am a cup-half-full kind of a girl, but I am also a realist. So let's imagine that if things go pear-shaped and that Yeovil were to drop into the Conference, would the passion and determination and the willingness still be there, do you think?

BO: I believe it would. I believe in fact that it would probably increase.

EB: Because people really want their club to survive, I suppose?

BO: Yeovil Town is a community club. We are a rural community but we come together at Huish Park to celebrate the joy of live football, and we need our community club.

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