Interview : Glovers Trust : 05/11/2015
Brendon Owen Talks To The BBC About The Formation Of A Supporters Trust
Brendon Owen
Brendon Owen
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Yeovil Town supporter Brendon Owen spoke to BBC Somerset presenter Emma Britton about a meeting to form a Yeovil Town Supporters Trust that will be held on Thursday 5th November 2015.

EB: Where did this come about - just because of the poor form?

BO: No, not at all. Promotions and relegations are not unusual at Yeovil Town. We take it in our stride, although three relegations on the trot might be a bit too much to bear. But it's the off-field problems that have been going on for years that have come to a head really. I believe that the supporters have been denied a voice in saying how our club should be run. I think that it's time that a supporters club was considered as an option to take us forward.

EB: Some people will misunderstand and think that you're planning some huge takeover and be asking for people to cough up lots of money, but it's not about that.

BO: It's not about that at all. I'm not sat in the West Wing of my mansion, planning a takeover!

EB: I just thought I'd check Brendan - not on a weekday, anyway!

BO: No, we're not looking to overthrow those who own and run the club. We are supporters who need a voice. We want a voice to say we are not happy with the way things are going, we understand that you've got major problems, money is not coming in, supporters are drifting away, and it's got to stop. Hopefully a Supporters Trust will give a powerful voice to the fans. They are after all the lifeblood of the club, and they should say how things are run. That is our intention.

EB: Do you think that the club will be welcoming to a Supporters Trust?

BO: I'm sure initially that there will be suspicion. But we have put out an olive branch already in that we have invited a member of the club to attend tonight, and to observe our meeting, and fortunately they have agreed that they will send a representative. So that's a good start. Hopefully that person will be able to report back to the club that we are not just a bunch of supporters who are jumping up and down, and moaning and groaning. We want positive action and we want to help.

EB: I appreciate your comments about fans being the lifeblood of any club, but you choose to be a football supporter. Do you have the right to have a say in what is technically a commercial business?

BO: It is, but I think a football club is more than a commercial business - it's a community facility.

EB: It's quite unique, isn't it?

BO: A community should own the football club. It's run for the benefit of spectators. If you didn't have any spectators there, then there wouldn't any point in having a football match.

EB: You always strike me as a fairly constructive man, as you don't go shouting, swearing, screaming and booing - or at least I don't think you do! How are you going to manage that, because there are going to be some people who are going to wear their heart on their sleeve and are incredibly passionate. They call for heads to roll, and they call for managers to be sacked, and sometimes that's not constructive or practical, is it?

BO: No, it's not. There are going to be a lot of angry people, and quite a few angry people will turn up tonight at the meeting. What I'm going to say very early on is that this is not a meeting to discuss protest marches, painting banners or calling for personnel to be removed. This is a meeting to talk about a Supporters Trust - a business-like venture in a professional way. Any who don't want to talk about that tonight, then I'm going to invite them to leave.

EB: Brendan - where and when?

BO: Tonight, 5th of November, 7.00p.m. at Club 94, which to many people will be known as the old Yeovil Liberal Club, in Middle Street, Yeovil.

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