Interview : David Poole : 04/02/2006
David Poole after the 2-0 defeat against Southend United
David Poole
David Poole
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Yeovil Town winger David Poole spoke to BBC Radio Bristol and the Western Daily Press on Saturday 4th February 2006 after the 2-0 defeat against Southend United.

Qu: David it was always going to be a challenge against the league leaders, but what did you make of that scoreline? Do you think it was justified in the end?

DP: Yes, I think at the start of the first half the lads performed really well and we had a few chances. But I think that Southend got on top of us when they got the goal. At the start of the second half I just don't know what happened. Southend came out just flying and we couldn't cope with it.

Qu: The first goal was against the run of play so you must have been a bit gutted when that one went in.

DP: Yes, the lads felt a bit down about that but we got told to get on with it so that's what we did. It's just unfortunate that we didn't start as bright as Southend did at the start of the second half.

Qu: That was strange because the manager Steve Thompson said he gave you all a bit of a shouting at half time, so how come you came out so slowly?

DP: I don't know. I think Southend were getting first to everything and I think they wanted it a bit more. But I can't say why that is - it's just a bit gutting.

Qu: Is it less worrying in a way because Southend are at the top, they are flying and their confidence is so high? Does that make it easier to take in a way?

DP: A little bit, but we could have has a result here. At the start of the first half we had a few chances and if we had got one of those in it could have gone a completely different way but it hasn't and we've come away with a 2-0 defeat.

Qu: Thommo said he thought Southend were the best team in League One and they certainly closed things down after getting that opening goal.

DP: Yes, that's right, although as I've said before at the start of the first half it was us that looked bright and we were the ones that had a few chances. If things had gone differently or if a goal had gone in, it could have all gone a different way.

Qu: Like you say before that goal it looked like Yeovil were on top and were heading for a decent result.

DP: Yes, once Southend got their goal, I think they got on top a bit and then at that start of the second half we have just not been ready for it and have not been switched on enough.

Qu: Obviously you're down and you need to bounce back against Port Vale. Is it difficult when you are going through a run of defeats - what does it do to your confidence?

DP: I think the lads have just got to give 100 percent on the training ground and it will come in games. The lads are capable of doing that. The lads we have got are capable of reaching the playoffs so we have just got to keep working hard. We will pick ourselves up and work extra hard in training to put things right at Port Vale next week.

Qu: The fans are obviously worried about losing some players, but I think you've got plenty enough here to stay out of the relegation spots.

DP: Yes, it's always disappointing when you lose key players, but the lads have got to dig deep and become that little bit closer together. We have to do that in order to fight our way back up the table, and we will do that.

Qu: It's such a tight division that a win today would have pushed you up towards the playoffs but unfortunately a defeat edges you a little bit closer to the bottom zone. It's obviously very important to stay out of that bottom area.

DP: Yes, I think it's always important to get a good run in under your belt after the Christmas period. I think the lads are well capable of doing that. All we have got to do is dig deep and it will come.

Qu: The last thing you want is to be involved in that kind of a dogfight.

DP: Yes, in that situation you're down, looking up and I know the lads would rather start looking up again, rather than down. We have got to work hard in training and hopefully it will come.

Qu: Everyone talks about the Yeovil spirit - is that still there?

DP: Yes, definitely - that has never gone. I think we are now a bit closer together because of the players that have gone recently.

Qu: What do you make of the new signings so far? I think most of them have only had one day of training.

DP: Yes, they've had a couple of days in and they've all looked bright and sharp. Hopefully, they can get in the team and do well for us.

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