Interview : Artur Krysiak : 15/08/2015
Artur Krysiak Speaks To The BBC After The 0-1 Defeat Against Bristol Rovers
Artur Krysiak
Artur Krysiak
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Yeovil Town goalkeeper Artur Krysiak spoke to BBC reporter Richard Hoskins after his side had lost 0-1 at home to Bristol Rovers on Saturday 15th August 2015.

RH: Artur, that was terribly bad luck - you must have thought you were on course for your first clean sheet of the season.

AK: Yes, I was thinking that was one of the days when they were not going to score against me. I'm gutted as they scored a fantastic goal, but in that kind of game you've either got a big decision or a great goal. Today we had both of them. After five first half saves I thought they are not going to get past me, and I thought that it was one of those days where the goalkeeper was going to get the man of the match, but I was thinking that we were going to get at least a draw. So I'm gutted and disappointed. But we're going to get our head around it and start maybe thinking about the next game and see what happens on Tuesday.

RH: You just need a break don't you? A red card for a central midfielder with the amount of players missing is not easy, is it?

AK: No it's not. Obviously we've now got 14 players that we can choose from. But we've got eleven players who are going to be playing next week in the starting line-up, and we need to do the job, whatever the numbers are. It's up to us to do the job and get at least a draw. The three points are more important.

RH: Absolutely. You were given the nod ahead of Chris Weale today, and you must have been very pleased with your personal performance, as you were the man of the match.

AK: Yes, I'm glad that I did well but I need to thank Chris Weale because we've been working so hard on the training ground. It must be difficult for Chris because he wants to play as well, and he's also got another job as he's the goalie coach. But as I said in my previous interview, we're both going to support each other. Whoever plays, we're going to support and we're going to work hard and we need to just be strong and make these performances more often.

RH: You're possibly one of the more experienced members of the squad, aren't you? What's it like for the other players, where confidence is such an important thing at the moment?

AK: Along with your own performances, you need to get that voice in that changing room and you need to be a kind of leader. I can learn that from Chris as he's even more experienced than me. With experience you need to show everyone that you are going to make a decision, and take those big decisions, and that's it.

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