Interview : Artur Krysiak : 16/04/2015
Artur Krysiak Speaks To The BBC As Part Of The Build-Up To Swindon
Artur Krysiak
Artur Krysiak
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Yeovil Town goalkeeper Artur Krysiak spoke to BBC Somerset reporter Richard Hoskin on Thursday 16th April 2015 as part of the build-up to the trip to Swindon Town.

AK: We showed supporters in the club that we still do care and that we want to fight and we want to show that we've still got passion and that we want to do the best for the club. So it was a great win and a great clean sheet. The players did a fantastic job.

RH: You are relegated but you want to give your all and win as many games as you can between now and the end of the season.

AK: Correct. We're still playing for the club and for the fans. They've been fantastic throughout the season. There's also players playing for the future. Some of them are going to be here and some of them won't. So we're still playing for our futures and we want to do our best and show the club that we do still care, and be supported like the supporters have been throughout the season.

RH: A new manager in Paul Sturrock. What's different - what's changed since he took charge? Is it possible to have much change in the space of a week?

AK: I think it's hard to change anything since he's been in charge. It's just a couple of games, but I think the mentality and the way that we've been training, and the tactics have been different. So there are a couple of differences. But at the moment he's trying to get the best out of us, and I think we've shown that in the last two games.

RH: Was the manager pleased with a clean sheet on Tuesday?

AK: Yes, it's always nice to have a clean sheet. It was the first since Coventry, which is a while ago. So yes, a clean sheet is massive and we can now build a foundation on the back of it.

RH: Is it possible to sum up your first season at Yeovil Town - there have been ups and downs.

AK: It was frustrating. I'd been at Exeter for four years and I'd been playing there week-in, week-out. When I was coming here I knew it wasn't going to be easy. Chris Weale is a fantastic goalkeeper, so I knew it was going to be difficult. But personally I was disappointed, with the relegation and the finish for Yeovil. I can only blame myself that I didn't have enough chances. It's up to me to get my chances, but maybe I wasn't good enough, and maybe I wasn't ready. I don't know - it wasn't a decision made by me, but was by the coaches. Obviously I'm not blaming them for the decision. But now I can enjoy a run of games, and I'll try to do my best to impress the new manager.

RH: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Are you a better goalkeeper and a better man for the experiences that you've had this season?

AK: I think so - yes. The most important thing for me was not to lose my head. It's important to have the right mindset, which I had throughout the season. I've been working with Chris Weale and Gareth Stewart in training and I think we did that.

RH: You must be keen now to show Paul Sturrock what you can do over the last few games to be the number one goalkeeper for next season?

AK: Yes, me and Chris Weale are in the same boat. We want to impress him. I want to do my best to secure that place in the starting line-up. So I'll do my best to secure that for next season.

RH: And Swindon away sounds tough, but you beat Sheffield United on Tuesday, so no reason why you can't go to Swindon and get a result.

AK: Yes that's the thing. I'm looking forward to going there as I've been there a couple of times, so I know the ground. On the back of the Tuesday game, it's going to be another great game, and I hope we're going to get a good result up there.

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