Interview : Sam Foley : 03/03/2015
Sam Foley Speaks To The BBC As Part Of The Build-Up To Walsall
Sam Foley
Sam Foley
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Yeovil Town midfielder Sam Foley spoke to BBC Somerset reporter Ed Hadwin on Monday 3rd March 2015 about the club's current League One situation, in an interview conducted the day before the home match against Walsall.

SF: Obviously it's a difficult situation that we're in. So when we play well and pick up points you're kind of pleased, but also you're wary that ideally you want to be taking the maximum points that you can. The games are coming thick and fast but at the same time they're also running out. So we need to maximise as much as we can points-wise. But it's very encouraging that the performances are getting better. If we can kick on from this, the results that we need will give us the three points, and hopefully that will come.

EH: I guess that you look at the performance particularly on Saturday and a game where a lot of stuff went against you, like the penalty, and the goalkeeper getting injured and yet you still with the chance in the second half could have easily gone away and won at a place that has proved pretty tough to win at this season.

SF: Yes, Scunthorpe are a good side, and their Chairman has put quite a bit of money behind the squad financially, which is something that as a club Yeovil have never really had. That's no detriment to the club and the position that they're in, in that they're a small club in League One. So to go there and make a good account of ourselves with quite a new team - obviously the manager has recently gone, and the new manager has come in with Terry taking charge, he's got new ideas, new philosophies. So for young players to take that on board and get a positive result at Scunthorpe was very pleasing for everyone.

EH: You mentioned the youngsters with a lot of them coming in from Swansea, how do you feel that they've settled down, because it is quite a jump to playing development football to coming straight into a relegation fight.

SF: I think the way that Terry looks at things is that if you're good enough you're old enough. At the end of the day you only get experience from experiencing things. I was similar - I didn't come from a Premier League club, I came from non-league, but I had no experience at this level. I just got thrown in and you've got to sink or swim really.

The lads from Swansea have come in and they've done really well. Liam Shephard has obviously been here a little longer and he's settled in really well, and the other two were good as well at the weekend. We've had the likes of Fulham players and Liverpool players in the past, but wherever they come from they just want to play football really. The manager gives them a platform and hopefully they can produce a good game that is beneficial to us.

EH: And one of the real frustrations, certainly for Saturday, was Artur's injury. It does seem that certainly in goal this season it's been a bit of a revolving door, which can't be ideal. Scott Loach is obviously coming in now and will hopefully do a good job as other guys have done, but I'm sure nobody in the squad would want the number of changes you've had to make there.

SF: No, it's not ideal and it's a little bit unsettling really when you look around and you've got a different goalie in there every week, but when you get injuries that happens. It's part of the game, and we've got to adapt and get on with it. Gareth Stewart came in and he got his old legs going again and made a great save from the penalty on Saturday. I think that gives everyone a boost, as everyone is pulling in the right direction - even your goalkeeping coach who is on the bench. It's obviously not great having injuries but it's part of the game and you have to get on with it and hope that it's not you.

EH: With Scott you've got another experienced pair of hands to come in and hopefully he will come in and do well in the next month or beyond.

SF: Hopefully he will come in. We don't know the team (for the Walsall game) yet, so we'll just have to wait and see if he is selected. But he has got good experience at this level. We played against him earlier this season (against Peterborough) and I was quite impressed with him, so hopefully he will come in and add something different.

EH: Talking of previous experiences, I guess with tomorrow night's opponents, you'll all have fond memories of that trip up to Walsall earlier in the season as that was one of the better performances of the year.

SF: Yes, we had a good performance there earlier in the season. I think it was only a couple of weeks in but it was a proper spirited performance. It was like the Yeovil of old, where it was a real dogged display by the players and they really worked hard and showed quite a bit of quality as well as that workrate.

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