Interview : Gozie Ugwu : 15/01/2015
Gozie Ugwu Speaks To The BBC About His Return To The Club
Gozie Ugwu
Gozie Ugwu
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Yeovil Town striker Gozie Ugwu spoke to BBC Somerset reporter Dan Albutt on Thursday 15th January 2015 after he signed a half-season contract with the club to commence his second spell with the Glovers.

DA: Welcome back to Yeovil Town. I'd say a lot has changed since you were last here.

GU: Yes, obviously a few players have moved on to different things but obviously the management are still the same and the place still looks the same. So it's good to be back.

DA: From that point of view when the opportunity came to come back to Yeovil was it an easy decision to come back?

GU: Yes of course, because I've been here and I know how the manager works. I've also got very fond memories of this place as I got my Football League debut here, and my first league goal, so obviously it was a straight decision to come back here and play.

DA: And looking back upon your first time here, you say you've got fond memories of it - what do you remember about it in terms of games? Is there a highlight from that time?

GU: Yes, obviously when I scored my first league goal, which was against Scunthorpe away. Then I scored the week after against Doncaster, so I had great memories here.

DA: Of course now you want to add to those and get into the team this weekend. It would be nice to get onto the scoresheet as Yeovil need the goals at the moment.

GU: Well obviously the manager needs to make his decision, but we're all just working hard in training, and trying to make that decision for him really. The team is playing great at the moment so hopefully we'll show that on Saturday.

DA: When you look at the team and when you look at the squad that's here, are you surprised at their position in the league table?

GU: Yes, they've got great players here actually, but obviously we're at where we're at, and we've just got to stick together and show great togetherness and just look to push on.

DA: And it's going to be a tough game against Bradford but I guess you guys are relishing the challenge.

GU: Yes but as I've said we've all looked sharp in training, and we're just going to look to show that on Saturday.

DA: And from your point of view have you set targets for your spell with Yeovil, or is it just about getting on with it and helping the team survive at this level?

GU: Well it's obviously to survive and to stay in this league. But we'll take it each game at a time, and we're going to look to put in 100 percent in every game.

DA: And when you return to a club, is it nice to have your first game back at Huish Park?

GU: Yes, it's always good to have a home game, but as I've said I don't even know if I'm going to play or not. I'm waiting on the manager to pick the team and stuff like that. I'll just keep working hard in training and if I get my chance on Saturday then I'll look to take it.

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