Interview : Kieffer Moore : 17/01/2015
Kieffer Moore Speaks To The BBC After The 1-0 Win Against Bradford
Kieffer Moore
Kieffer Moore
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Yeovil Town striker (turned centre-back!) Kieffer Moore spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles, in an interview for BBC Somerset, after the 1-0 win over Bradford City on Saturday 17th January 2015.

CS: Kieffer, congratulations - you were part of a winning team today, and of course you were playing as a centre-back. How was that for you?

KM: Yes, it was an experience. To be fair I enjoyed it and it was good, but obviously the main thing was that we got the three points, which I'm buzzing about. I got my first clean sheet - it's the first time I've ever said that! (laughs) But I enjoyed it and it's good for everyone, and I'm glad we got the three points.

CS: Are you learning to think like a defender - talking in terms of clean sheets now?

KM: No not really but obviously if the team needs me to do a job there, then I'll happily do a job there. If we can climb up the table and if needs be, then I'm happy to do that.

CS: What's it been like in training this week from when you found out that you were going to be playing at centre-half, and had to get ready in terms of your positioning and your mindset to play as a defender?

KM: Yes, it's been alright. Obviously I've had to get my head around it, but I had a lot of work with Terry Skiverton, who is obviously a good central defender, and yes he's helped me through it and I think everyone has helped me through it. All of the defenders near to me have kept talking to me and helped me with my positioning and where I was meant to be, so that's all good.

CS: You played alongside Stephen Arthurworrey and struck up an immediate understanding with him.

KM: Yes definitely - Stephen is a good centre-half and he's very powerful, and he helped me through that massively.

CS: So is this Kieffer Moore the defender, or Kieffer Moore the striker now? Where do you see your future?

KM: Obviouly I love being a striker, but as I've said at the moment if the team need me to be there (as a defender) then I'll happily play there. I love being a striker, so if I could go back up there then I'll happily go back there, but at the same time I'm happy to be a centre-half.

CS: What's been your experience of playing in defence? I know you've played a couple of games in defence for Reserve Team games but is that anything that you've ever encountered before such as in junior football or anything like that?

KM: Yes when I was younger I played a little bit at centre-half, as I had a little bit of a growth spurt so obviously they thought they'd stick me back there. I played there in college for a little while, but that's about as much experience as it goes. I maybe played in a couple of Reserve Team games there last year but that's about it.

CS: From the fact that you play as a centre-forward, have you learned from the defenders you play against, that you know what good defenders do against you, to stop you from scoring?

KM: Yes definitely - I tried to make sure that I stayed goal side all the time and to defend on their toes, as I don't really like that as a centre-forward. So I tried to do that with James Hanson and Jon Stead and just got tight to them really.

CS: You say on their toes, that might sometimes mean treading on their toes!

KM: (laughs) No, not me!

CS: With Hanson and Stead, if you were going to make your debut as a centre-back, that's as tough as it comes in this division, in terms of their experience and their know-how - they're two top strikers at this level.

KM: Yes definitely - they're obviously renowned for being very good in the air and very tall, and good finishers. But I think I stood up to it quite well and I enjoyed it.

CS: You spoke to Terry Skiverton this week and he was a legendary centre-half at this football club. Did he give good advice?

KM: Yes definitely, like I said before he helped me through it massively.

CS: I think they always say you need a busted nose or a black eye to be a centre-half - you've got the black eye! Was that from today or was that from a previous game?

KM: That was from today - that was from the assist actually - I'm taking that as an assist where I flicked it on to Gozie (Ugwu) so that's all good.

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