Interview : Ben Nugent : 26/12/2014
Ben Nugent Speaks To The BBC After The 1-2 Defeat Against Bristol City
Ben Nugent
Ben Nugent
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Yeovil Town centre-back Ben Nugent spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles in an interview for BBC Somerset on Friday 26th December 2014, after he had scored in the 2-1 defeat against Bristol City at Ashton Gate.

CS: Ben, let's talk about your goal first of all. I know Yeovil have ultimately lost that game but how pleased are you with that strike? It was from quite some distance wasn't it?

BN: It was - I thought it was heading wide to be fair. In the end we didn't get the win or the draw, so it sort of means less, but at least it's one down on my CV.

CS: It sparked quite some finale to that game. I think you threw everything at Bristol City during the last five minutes or so in search of an equaliser.

BN: Yes, I thought during the whole second half we were the team on top. Bristol City couldn't really get out of their half apart from a couple of times with a couple of counter-attacks. But I thought that especially in the second half we deserved to get something out of the game from our performance.

CS: The manager has reflected upon the two penalties and I don't want to get you into trouble, but suffice to say I don't think the management team or the players are happy with either of them today?

BN: No, I thought the first one was soft. I sort of didn't have a view on the second one so I can't comment, but the majority of our boys and even a few of their boys were saying that it was never a penalty. So it's unfortunate but you have to move on.

CS: Both managers have spoken about the conditions today - heavy rain and swirling wind. Just how difficult was it out there?

BN: Yes it was, especially in the first half. I thought the wind was very strong. At times we couldn't get out of our half with our clearances, but I thought that when we played and kept it along the ground, and played it through the thirds (of the pitch) I thought we had a couple of really nice attacks, running at their back three. Obviously it didn't materialise. Then obviously in the second half that was maybe why we were on top, because of the wind and because of the conditions.

CS: You've got to now take strength from that second half against the league leaders, and take that into Monday's game against Leyton Orient.

BN: Yes if we can play like that against a top of the table side, then as long as we keep playing like that then the points will come and we'll start climbing that table. That's the main thing - we've got to make sure that our performances stay high.

CS: With Leyton Orient winning and Crewe winning, you have gone bottom of the table. How much of a blow is that to slip to the bottom?

BN: It is a massive blow. Obviously it's not the end of the table that you want to be. It's easy to say, but I think we are better than our position in the table. But it's no good saying that if you're not getting the points.

CS: Obviously there's been a lot of talk about the Man United game, but we spoke about the importance of league games in between. It's now just that Leyton Orient game between yourselves and Manchester United. It's important to have a good home show at Huish Park on Monday night ahead of that Man United game.

BN: Yes definitely - the main games at the minute are obviously the league games because they are the ones in front of us. The United game is obviously going to be a nice occasion, but points on the board is what we need. The United game is going to maybe be a nice break from the league, but we need points - that's what we need.

CS: Orient are one of those teams around you in the table. A win over them pulls them back towards you. So it's important to beat them teams that are down with you, isn't it?

BN: That's spot on. We need to beat the teams around us and try to bridge the gap. That's pretty much nailed it - beating the teams around us is what we need to start doing.

CS: So what's the plan for the weekend - are you in training or is it a case of trying to manage the bodies ahead of the Monday game?

BN: Manage the bodies - we do that even if it's Saturday-to-Saturday. We train and then prepare for the games because we need to tone it down - obviously we do because there's a game on Monday. But that will all be sorted by the staff.

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