Interview : Ben Nugent : 29/11/2014
Ben Nugent Speaks To The BBC Just Before Kick-Off Against Preston
Ben Nugent
Ben Nugent
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Yeovil Town centre-back Ben Nugent spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles in an interview for BBC Somerset just before kick-off on Saturday 29th November 2014. Ben was sitting out the match after picking up his fifth yellow card of the season.

CS: Ben, you're missing out today through suspension. It must be disappointing because you looked very tight at the back, and the team has been playing very well in recent weeks.

BN: Yes it is - it's very disappointing. Obviously it was a petulant booking, but I'll have to learn from that. But as you say, we have looked solid - really solid, and I'm sure that Ryan (Inniss) will slot in today and we'll look exactly the same.

CS: You've been on four bookings for quite a few weeks. Were you aware of the tightrope that you've been on?

BN: It didn't really come into my mind, to be honest. I think that after (Notts County midfielder) Gary Jones got sent off, I'm not sure if the referee was actually looking to even it up, but he maybe was looking for some of our players. It's frustrating.

CS: Obviously you're watching on, and you're sitting here in the Main Stand at Huish Park. What sort of a watcher of football are you?

BN: I wouldn't say I'm the best, to be fair. I like to be out there - hands on. But the boys will get the job done, and they'll be a joy to watch.

CS: As you say, Ryan Inniss has been waiting for his chance and he'll play alongside Stephen Arthurworrey today.

BN: Yes, I'm pretty sure those two will get it. They've been training together all week and looking good, so I'm sure they'll slot in today and hopefully do a job for us.

CS: You've also been part of a back five that's been doing very well. I've just spoken to Gary Johnson - it's post Two O'clock and the teamsheets are in, so we can now say that Jed Steer is not playing as he's been ill this week. That's a blow, isn't it?

BN: Yes, Jed has done really well since he's come in. But once again we've got a capable No.2 in Artur. He's more than capable of stepping in and doing the job.

CS: You're sitting here this afternoon with your dad, Richard Nugent (a former Yeovil Town player). I must admit I've been guilty of calling you Richard in a number of commentaries, because I watched Richard play a number of years ago. What's it like watching games with your dad, and what sort of an influence has he been on your career?

BN: Yes he has - obviously whilst growing up, he's always been the one who has watched me. He's probably my biggest critic and my biggest fan. He's the one person that is always honest - whether I like it or not, he'll always tell me straight. That's what everyone needs. You need someone who is willing to tell you what you need to improve on, which he's done.

CS: I would imagine you'll be keeping an eye on the Preston strikers. I'm not sure if (Jermaine) Beckford and (Kevin) Davies are playing but they are two ex-Premier League strikers. Watching from afar, you'll be looking at their movement, as you can learn things watching those type of players, playing against your team.

BN: Yes, you're right. Kevin Davies has had a great career. He's always been a tough opponent, so hopefully the boys can keep him quiet today, and the same with Beckford. So they're certainly two threats.

CS: You're obviously back and available next Saturday against Accrington in the FA Cup. I'm sure through your dad, you're aware of Yeovil Town's rich FA Cup history - to actually get into the Third Round is going to be some achievement, isn't it?

BN: Yes, it would be. Obviously the Third Round is when the bigger teams start coming in, so it would be nice to progress through to the Third Round and come up against a good opposition and really test ourselves.

CS: Are you enjoying it at Huish Park? You've played a lot of games, and the last few games have been going very well, haven't they?

BN: Yes, they have. I think we've actually been playing better. If you look at some of the games that we've lost or maybe drawn, the performances have been there, but sometimes we've been lacking that finishing touch, and that final bit of play in the final third. We've been doing well.

CS: Tom Eaves has come in this week. I know the way that training often works is that the starting eleven often play against those who are not playing. So does that mean that you've been marking Tom Eaves in training? What have you made of Tom Eaves this week?

BN: Yes, he was here yesterday and Thursday. He looks really good. He's a strong guy and he's not slow - he's fairly quick, so hopefully he can give that Preston back four a real test today.

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