Interview : Jordy Hiwula : 08/11/2014
Jordy Hiwula Speaks To The BBC After The 1-0 Win Against Crawley
Jordy Hiwula
Jordy Hiwula
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Yeovil Town striker Jordy Hiwula, who is on loan from Manchester City, spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles, in an interview for BBC Somerset, on Saturday 8th November 2014, after he had scored his first goal for the club in a 1-0 win over Crawley Town.

CS: Jordy, congratulations. Your first goal for Yeovil and your first senior goal. How does it feel?

JH: It feels very good. I knew it was going to come some time and I'm glad that it's come today because I felt like I'd worked hard all week and I'd kept on practicing on my finishing, and it finally came off today.

CS: What's it been like with this run that you've been on, because I've watched every game that you've played? You've hit the crossbar, you've hit the post, you've had chances and last week you were taken out by the goalkeeper where he was lucky to stay on the pitch. How have you managed to keep going through that?

JH: It's just about having that mental state. You just keep going, keep getting those opportunities and keep working the keeper - and the goal came today.

CS: Tell us about today's goal, because you looked second best. The ball came over and the defender was goal side of you. How did you manage to get in front of him and get the ball?

JH: Yes, all week I've been working on how to get my body across defenders and today it happened to pay off. The defender was in front of the ball and I managed to get across him and I moved him to the side, and I just took it around the keeper and placed it in.

CS: It was quite a confident finish. Lots of players would have lashed it in, but you took two or three touches, and then danced around the keeper to open up the goal. It was a very confident finish.

JH: Yes, we've been working on taking on the keeper as well throughout the week, so I'm happy it paid off today.

CS: And of course for you and your team-mates, to finally get a win and to go through to the Second Round of the FA Cup, I imagine that it will give everyone a huge lift.

JH: Yes, definitely. We want to go on a good cup run this season, and hopefully get the crowd up because we've not been doing too well in the last few weeks. Hopefully we can kick on from there in the league as well.

CS: And for you is it a reward for the battering that you've taken from central defenders? As I've said I've seen the games and these massive centre-halves, and where you're playing senior football for the first time. You've really had to battle through that, haven't you?

JH: Yes, definitely. I've been watching clips of defenders in League One, and how they play, and just trying to adjust my game, because it's different playing first team football from Under-21 football. So I feel like I've got that now, and it's about getting the goals now.

CS: The Second Round draw is live on TV on Monday night and I imagine you'll be watching it. Have you got any preferences as to who comes out of the draw?

JH: No, I've not got any preferences, but I'd like a home draw, because no team will like to come down to Yeovil to play us. So hopefully we can get a home draw against a good team.

CS: And of course you're one win away from the Third Round. It's a funny feeling for you as we don't know whether you'll be here in January, when it's the Third Round, but I would imagine you'd want to get Yeovil through to that Third Round and hopefully get Yeovil a big Premier League side. Could be Manchester City, perhaps!

JH: Definitely, but I want to see who we get on Monday, and then concentrate on the league now, because that's the most important thing, and when the cup comes around again, hopefully we can win that game and then kick on to the Third Round.

CS: Now it's home to Fleetwood and back to League action. How important is it to follow up today with victory in the league?

JH: Yes definitely. We've got two clean sheets at the moment, so the back line is doing very well. It's just up to the forwards to start getting more goals now. We got one today, but we definitely look like we can get more goals in games. So that's good.

CS: Is it a nice feeling as a striker, knowing that your defenders are keeping clean sheets? That means that if you can get a goal, as you've done today, then you win the game.

JH: Yes, it's a very good feeling, because I'm confident in our defenders and that they'll get a clean sheet. So it's up to us now. Even if we get just one chance, we need to put that chance away.

CS: Strikers often go on runs of goals. Has that often been the case with your career, in that you get one and then the goals will follow? Are you hopeful this could be the start of a run for you?

JH: Yes, at Youth Team level I scored a lot of goals, so hopefully I can kick on from this goal now, and score more goals for Yeovil Town.

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