Interview : Jordan Clarke : 30/10/2014
Jordan Clarke Speaks To The BBC As Part Of The Build-Up To Chesterfield
Jordan Clarke
Jordan Clarke
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Yeovil Town's on-loan defender Jordan Clarke spoke to BBC Somerset reporter Dan Albutt on Thursday 30th October 2014, after he had signed on loan from Coventry City, and just before the club travelled to Chesterfield.

JC: All the lads have welcomed me well. I've trained for two or three days now, and it's very good. The gaffer is good and all the staff have welcomed me as well. I'm staying with a couple of the boys at the moment, and I'm just getting used to it, and I'm enjoying myself at the moment.

DA: Was it an easy decision to make, to come to Yeovil Town?

JC: Yes of course. Obviously Yeovil is a big club. They used to be - and it was only last season - in the Championship. I need to play games as well, and when Yeovil became an option, I was more than happy to take it.

DA: You're only 22 years old but you've got a lot of games under your belt. You obviously feel that you've got the experience at this level.

JC: Yes, I think I've made over 140 appearances for Coventry, and most of them in the Championship as well. So I do feel older than I am, which I'm not sure if that's a good thing! But I feel experienced enough to come into a side that I'm not used to and be a leader as such.

DA: Do you think that in having been at Coventry for a long time, that the time was right to move away?

JC: I've been at Coventry since I was eight years old. So some would say I'm due a testimonial! Obviously I was a bit too young for that! I definitely needed a fresh start, and I'm glad that I've come to a place like this.

DA: It's until January initially. Is that something that could be extended depending on how things go?

JC: That just depends on both of the clubs. I don't know - I'm just here to play football and help the club.

DA: And what objectives will you set yourself for your time at Yeovil?

JC: For my time at Yeovil, it's to be consistent, defend well and help the team to win games. I'd like to be seen as a leader, because I am very vocal on the pitch. During my time here I'd like to get us to as high a position as possible.

DA: What sort of player are Yeovil fans going to see from you?

JC: I'm quite quick and I'm very aggressive. I played at centre-half for the whole of last season, and people might think that's the shortest centre-half ever but I did a good job there. So I'm either a centre-back or a right-back, or anywhere. I've played everywhere, to be honest. So they can expect the unexpected. I'll be at one end of the pitch at one time and then in the goalmouth in the other. So we'll have to see what happens.

DA: Looking at the league table, Yeovil are not in the best of form, so was that ever on your mind, or do you feel that you can be part of a team that can move them out of that position?

JC: My parent club was in a similar situation, so it hasn't come into my mind once. What has come into my mind has been training with the lads, and helping us as a team get higher than where we are now. It (the Chesterfield match) can either go one way or another and hopefully it goes our way. We're due a win and so are they. We've got to go out there with the right attitude and just take the shackles off and just play freely and concentrate on our game. You can do so much on the opposition but if you don't get your own game right then you're not going to go anywhere.

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