Interview : Jed Steer : 01/11/2014
Jed Steer Speaks To The BBC After The 0-0 Draw Against Chesterfield
Jed Steer
Jed Steer
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Yeovil Town's on loan goalkeeper Jed Steer spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles in an interview for BBC Somerset, after the 0-0 draw against Chesterfield on Saturday 1st November 2014 that saw him make his debut.

CS: Jed, welcome back. Your second debut for Yeovil Town and a clean sheet. How pleased are you with that?

JS: Brilliant - it was overall a good solid team performance defensively. Obviously the lads in front of me helped me out big time. You've obviously got the new team with the team where there were three new lads on the pitch, so we thought it was a good point.

CS: How much time did you have to learn names and learn about the players when you linked up with Yeovil?

JS: Well I only linked up yesterday (Friday), so I had an afternoon of trying to get to know everyone, but to be fair it's a great group of lads. They've welcomed me in big time, and they've really helped, so it's been good.

CS: You've made some good saves this afternoon. Have you got one in particular that you're pleased with today?

JS: No, not particularly. With any save, I'm just pleased with keeping the ball out of the net, to be honest. The lads are brilliant, and so obviously without them it would be a much harder task. So overall I'm really pleased.

CS: You're obviously match-sharpened, having been a regular for Doncaster. What's it like swapping one team for another in this division in this manner?

JS: It's great as I just want to play games, and play as many games as I can. I had a really good time at Doncaster, and as soon as I found out that Yeovil wanted to take me I was desperate to come. So I'm obviously really pleased to be here and hopefully we can pick a few more results up.

CS: So I guess the division won't have too many surprises for you as all of the teams you'll be playing for Yeovil in will be most of the teams that you've already played against for Doncaster.

JS: Yes, well I've already played Chesterfield with Doncaster, although that was at home, so this is the first time here. Obviously I knew what they could do, having played them already. So I just let the lads know little bits here and there, but they were brilliant out there.

CS: When you were with Yeovil before, you were a teenager and you were with Norwich at that point and you're now with Aston Villa. How has your career developed over the last few years away from Yeovil?

JS: Obviously I was lucky to move to Aston Villa with Paul Lambert. Last year I spent on the bench, where obviously everyone wants to play football. So I was just waiting for my chance. I've learned loads and it's been great training with Shay Given and Brad Guzan. I've learned so much off them. And I've obviously got older - I've come back here as a man. I'm not an 18 year old kid. I'm really looking forward to my three months here and looking to help the team go up the league.

CS: Of course you're back at Huish Park on Saturday and I'm sure you've got good memories of playing there before. It's the FA Cup at home to Crawley - are you looking forward to that?

JS: You can't beat the FA Cup! I'm really looking forward to that. Today was something that we can build on. It was a good result and a good solid clean sheet. I'm looking forward to Saturday to build on that, and to get a run of wins going.

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