Interview : Rachael Edwards : 27/10/2014
Rachael Edwards Speaks To The BBC About Her Retirement From Football
Rachael Edwards
Rachael Edwards
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Yeovil Town Ladies club captain Rachael Edwards spoke to BBC Somerset presenter Emma Britton on Monday 27th October 2014, after the final match of the Ladies 2014 season in the FA Women's Super League, and after she had made the decision to retire from football following eight years and nearly 200 appearances for the club. The interview took place as part of the BBC Somerset Breakfast programme.

EB: (Referring to the early hour of the day the interview is taking place) I think having the clocks go back might have helped a bit. That gave you an extra hour!

RE: It did yes. It was a long day yesterday, but it was a good day - a good day to end on.

EB: Why did you decide to retire, and why now?

RE: I think that personally for me with eight years at the club, it's been an incredible journey from where the club has come. That's just in terms of where it was. It was a little grass roots club when I first joined and now it's a real professional unit, it's got a lot of good people behind the scenes, its got some fantastic players. Personally for me it's the right time for some more family time, and for lots of time at home and just looking in the future to watch football now. When you play at that level, as many people will tell you, you have to make a lot of sacrifices, and I just think it's time for me to make more time for myself and for my family, I think.

EB: How did you feel yesterday Rachael when the final whistle went? Were you relieved or a bit emotional? How does it feel after eight years of dedication?

RE: Do you know, I don't think it's quite sunk in yet. It was an emotional day, in the sense that all the girls were great, and very sweet at the end, and obviously the management team were wanting to make sure that I felt okay and that everyone was happy. But I don't think it's really sunk in yet, and it might not do until the start of next season, when they all start to prepare for it again and I realise that I'm not going along. But it was a great day. It was a tough game (against Durham Women, which finished 1-1) and we probably should have won.

I suppose that in a way it would have been nice to have finished on three points. But we'll finish in 5th and that's been an excellent season for us. I think that at the start a lot of people would have thought little old Yeovil might have been nearer the bottom, but we've proved a lot of people wrong. We've done a lot of things on the pitch and off the pitch that have given the club good recognition. So for us as players, and I'm sure the management team as well, everyone is delighted with that.

EB: What will happen now? Is that it for you with football? Will you just walk away and you don't play again?

RE: Well I actually work for the Somerset Football Association, so football is part of my life. So obviously I'll be continuing with my work, and I'll be at the club as much as I can in terms of cheering them on, and helping them with different things. Playing-wise it's definitely going to stop. It's probably going to be difficult to, but I think I'm going to have to do cold turkey and just stop, otherwise I might just find myself easing my way back into it!

EB: Slipping back in on the subs bench, maybe! So do you have a message for whoever takes over your No.5 shirt in the future?

RE: I think I've had a lot of questions about what made me want to play for so long. I think it's just to enjoy it, and to work with your team-mates, give everything you can on the pitch because I think that's all you really can do. I think as long as your team-mates know that you're giving 100 percent every time you walk into the pitch then no-one can ever question anything. We've got some talented players. There are a few people here now who I think could quite easily just walk into our first team and take that No.5 shirt and they'll be up for it - no question. So I think the club will be absolutely fine.

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