Interview : Byron Webster : 16/01/2014
Byron Webster Speaks To The BBC As Part Of The Build Up To Birmingham
Byron Webster
Byron Webster
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Yeovil Town centre-back Byron Webster spoke to BBC Somerset reporter Dan Albutt on Thursday 16th January 2014, as part of the build-up to the away match against Birmingham City.

BW: A couple of years ago they were in the Premier League, so it's another Premier League club, as such, that we're going to. But we're going there confident. We know we didn't get the result that we wanted last weekend (against Burnley at Huish Park) but obviously coming in from the FA Cup we scored a couple of goals against a team that are doing very well in League One (Leyton Orient). So it's just about getting on a bit of a run ourselves, and hopefully riding that wave for a little bit.

DA: It's kind of like a measure in many ways of how far Yeovil have come when you can be on a level playing field with teams like Birmingham.

BW: Definitely. I think after the Leyton Orient game - going back to that - obviously they are doing very well in their league. I know they had quite a few injuries, but so did we, and we had a few players who had came in and hadn't played for a long time. So to win comfortably, and to score four against them just shows how far, as a team and a club, we have come. Maybe when you're playing in the Championship and you're not getting the results that you want, you don't realise just how far you are progressing.

But it just shows as a club and as a team that we are progressing and as you say we are going to teams like Birmingham, and other teams who are up there like Derby who we've got coming up in a couple of weeks. We'll look forward to it, as there's no pressure on us. Nobody expects us to win. But we've beaten Nottingham Forest here and we've gone away to Watford and we've got the results. It might be surprising to people outside of our bubble, but the boys are very confident, so we are looking forward to it.

DA: When you ask players what their memories are of playing against a certain team, I guess there's an obvious question to ask you given one of the previous encounters against Birmingham.

BW: Obviously yes. It was Luke's goal and it was his first goal for Yeovil and his first as a professional and he's knocked it into the top corner! ... (pauses) ... But I know what you're on about!

It was one of those. It was the heat of the moment - it happened. But would I do it again? Maybe not. If it was an FA Cup Final, or for the Champions League or for us to go into the Premier League, would I do it again - yes. I haven't apologised to Birmingham, but no-one can know what they would do until they're put into that situation. I tried it in training the next day. I tried it ten times and I didn't get anywhere near the goal! But they went on to win the game, so fair play.

DA: Do you think Birmingham fans will remember it? Are you expecting a bit of stick?

BW: I'd remember it! (laughs) I'd expect some stick but my dad says that people don't boo a bad player. So hopefully they do boo me, and that means that I'm a good player! So I'll look forward to it, as it's going to be a good game.

DA: With Birmingham do you think they're under-achieving a little bit given their league position this season?

BW: Maybe although I know that their hands have been tied a little bit off the field, from what I hear. I speak to Dan Burn a bit, and Dan speaks very highly of Lee Clark, the manager. From what I'm hearing, they work very hard. Obviously they've got a couple of players still from when they were in the Premier League, and they've got a lot of players who have got the experience. But like us, I think they've got a very small squad, and obviously when you get a few injuries in small squads, then whoever it is, it can be a bit of a challenge. But it's a very hard league now. So you say that Birmingham are really a Premier League team. But there's massive teams like Leeds, Derby, Leicester and the teams go on and on. I'm sure that like us it will be an important game for them to get themselves more up the table, and to bridge a gap between us as well. From what I hear, they're working hard as well, and that's all you can ask for.

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