Interview : Jamie McAllister : 23/04/2014
Jamie McAllister Speaks To The BBC As Part Of The Build-Up To Brighton
Jamie McAllister
Jamie McAllister
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Yeovil Town left-back Jamie McAllister spoke to BBC Somerset reporter Dan Albutt on Wednesday 23rd April 2014 as part of the build-up to the Brighton and Hove Albion trip.

DA: What's the mood in the camp like at the moment?

JM: Obviously the boys are gutted and just disappointed to finish where it's pretty much over. In the last year or so, the spirit in the camp has been brilliant. They're a great group of lads. I think they're unbelievable with regards to a number of games. We've given a good account of ourselves all the way through the season, and we've just come up short.

DA: Pride as well is going to play a part in the remaining games.

JM: Yes, we want to go and win the next two games, and we want to finish on a high. As you say, it's personal pride, and as a group we want to show, especially on the Friday night in front of the cameras, that we're good enough to be here. As I've said, we just came up short, which is disappointing. But they are a great group of lads and we've done incredibly well to get the points that we have done over the course of the season. With a bit more luck in some of the games we could have got those extra points and that would have kept us up. But we keep fighting and in the last two games we want to win them, and we want to finish on a high. I'm sure we will do that.

DA: You talk about the games being so close, and so on. Do you feel that you've proved a lot of people wrong?

JM: I think we have, yes. I think a lot of people had us beaten before the start of the season, and down before the start of the season, and maybe not to get as many points as we did. To be so close is frustrating and disappointing, but we've got to finish on a high and finish those two games with two wins hopefully, and then look to come back stronger next season.

DA: Which game do you look back on the most proudly and think that was one of the games that maybe stands out from your point of view?

JM: A lot of games stand out, but I think the game at home against Forest where we beat them 3-1, and I thought we were quality on the day. But also going away to Leicester and getting a point on the day, and then a point at Wigan against teams that are up there just shows that we we so close in so many games. But we just came up short.

DA: From a personal point of view have you enjoyed this season back in the Championship?

JM: Yes, I've loved it - it's been brilliant. I've thoroughly enjoyed it, but as a team we've not quite got enough points to keep us up.

DA: And your future? Your contract is up in the summer - are you looking to carry on your playing career?

JM: Yes, of course I am. I'm fit and raring to go - age is just a number for me. I've enjoyed this season. I've played about 38 games or something like that. So I'm just going to keep going. Hopefully I'll have a chat with the gaffer and we'll see what happens. I'd like to stay here, but we'll see what happens.

DA: So Yeovil is very much in your thoughts?

JM: Yes of course it is. I'm happy here and I'd like to continue here. So we'll see what happens.

DA: Friday night football - I guess you're used to football on any day of the week now, but I suppose it's still a little bit different in terms of your preparation?

JM: Yes, it is. But we played Monday, so that's just what it's like. The next game is the next game, and whenever it's played, it's played. Night games are usually good for us - we are usually good at night. So in front of the cameras, let's put on a show and see what happens.

DA: With Brighton all the pressure is on them of course for this one.

JM: Yes, I suppose the pressure is off us a little bit. They're fighting for the top six and the play-offs, and with them being at home we want to go and spoil their party and put on a show in front of the cameras, and as I said to try to get a win and finish on a high.

DA: From their point of view in going for the play-offs, there's going to be a lot of expectation from their fans. Given the position that Yeovil are in as well that's something that you can use to your advantage.

JM: Yes, we've been in that sort of a position before haven't we? Going away to teams like this that are challenging, and where they are just expected to beat us. But we've not been that easy to beat. We've been very close, and I think we've shown other Championship sides that we've got great quality and I'm sure we'll show that on Friday.

DA: It's a ground to look forward to playing at. You've played at a lot of good grounds in the Championship and this is another one.

JM: Yes it's a good stadium and I'm sure they'll have a good support there. They're a good side and they like to play good football. But we shall be going there and imposing our game upon them, pressing high and giving them problems, I'm sure.

DA: Do you think they're worthy of a place in the play-offs at the end of the season?

JM: Well I'm sure they are as they're a good side. But we don't want them getting there by beating us. So we want to beat them and pick up the three points.

DA: The players here are now going into these last two games. As we already alluded to really, they'll want to put everything on the table, as a lot of them will be playing for their futures as well.

JM: Yes, there's a lot of uncertainty as a lot of the boys are out of contract, and so everybody is playing for their future. It's a great chance to show (against Brighton) what we can do, whether they want to be here or elsewhere. But at the end of the day the boys are not going to be thinking about that - they'll want to get the three points, as we're a strong group and everyone is together, so we'll be fighting for the three points.

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