Interview : Dominic Blizzard : 19/05/2013
Dominic Blizzard Speaks To The BBC Just Before Kick-Off In The Play-Off Final
Dominic Blizzard
Dominic Blizzard
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Yeovil Town midfielder Dominic Blizzard spoke to BBC Bristol reporter Andy Howard just before the League One Play-Off Final against Brentford kicked off on Sunday 19th May 2013.

AH: Why aren't you in this squad today?

DB: I just had a little bug last night. I was quite sick last night. So unfortunately I am missing out today. But I'm just wishing the lads all the luck and hopefully we can get the victory that we need.

AH: I can tell by your whole body language and your facial expression - you're gutted aren't you?

DB: Yes, of course I'm devastated, but these things happen now and then. Unfortunately I'm the one who has got to miss out today, through being ill, but I'll be wishing the boys well and cheering them on as much as I possibly can today. As I've said, I believe that we can win this game.

AH: Would you have been on the bench today, had you been well?

DB: Yes, I would have thought so. But that's life, isn't it? You just move on. I'll be a very nervous spectator today, I expect.

AH: I was going to ask you what sort of spectator you make?

DB: I've been trying to make the boys laugh and that sort of thing before the game. We're just trying to take it as a normal game. I think we're in good shape. I don't think anyone will be overawed by today. I probably will be biting my nails at some point during the game, but I'm pretty confident, to be honest.

AH: Take us inside the Yeovil camp for the last 24 hours. I know you've been ill, but what's it been like in there? What has Gary Johnson been saying?

DB: Just that we can win - obviously we know that. We've been looking a lot at Brentford's shape, and maybe a few areas where we can get on top of them within the game. But just saying that we can believe in ourselves - though we already do as we're a very confident bunch of lads. It's a very tight unit, where everybody gets on really well and with a great team spirit. We've just stayed really focussed. We've left nothing unturned. So it should be good. We've done all our homework on them, and hopefully it pays off today.

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