Interview : Chris Weale : 05/03/2002
Chris Weale immediately after Yeovil's 2-1 win over Canvey Island
Chris Weale
Chris Weale
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BBC Radio Bristol's Phil Tottle talked to goalkeeper Chris Weale immediately after Yeovil's 2-1 win over Canvey Island on March 5th 2002.

Phil Tottle: Chris, a quarter-final place beckons, but I think you had a bit more work than you would have liked tonight.

Chris Weale: Yes, it makes a change, because usually I don't have much to do. So it was good to make a few saves. We didn't play that well today, but it's the sign of a good team when you win a game when you're not playing well.

PT: Obviously there were a couple of saves before you pushed that shot from Stimson onto the post but you would have been well chuffed with that one, I think.

CW: Yes, I thought maybe at the start I could have held it, but I want to see it on the video. I didn't move my feet quick enough, but in the end it was a good save.

PT: Were you surprised in the way that they approached the game?

CW: Canvey? Yes, they attacked us quite a lot in the first half. But then we managed to get our play together and we were better in the second half. But they obviously came here to attack us.

PT: It's seventeen games now without defeat and I was talking to Nick Crittenden on Saturday and he was saying that you feel like you just can't get beaten at the moment. Does that go through to the goalkeeper as well? You've got to keep the ball out of the net, haven't you?

CW: You don't really think about it - you just take each game as it comes. You don't even think about losing.

PT: Is it easy at the moment playing behind the defence?

CW: Yes, it is a lot easier at the moment, like I said, because I haven't had much to do. Today I had a lot to do, but lately I haven't had much, which is nice.

PT: Today you got the goals at the right time and once again Adam Stansfield has done really well for you tonight.

CW: Yes, that's right. He's quality. He's done very well for us.

PT: He's actually pipped you for Man of the Match, I should think.

CW: Yes, I thought that maybe 'Number One Chris Weale' might be read out, but he's done very well for us tonight.

PT: So what's the boss saying to you tonight? You're in the quarter-finals of the cup, you're 17 matches unbeaten, you still haven't given up hope of the league. Is it a question of just keeping your feet on the ground?

CW: Yes, we've just got to keep on going. We've got to take each game as it comes, and if we're still winning, we're still up there aren't we?

PT: It's Northwich next and you've already beaten them this season.

CW: Yes, Northwich away. I don't know what their pitch is like at the moment but it wasn't too good when we last played them. We're doing very well away from home, so hopefully we'll do well and then it's the semi-finals.

PT: You mentioned the pitch, but it can't be much worse than that one out there!

CW: Tonight, it was alright. It was much better than it has been. It was quite hard, which was nice.

PT: Is that because you've won?

CW: Ha ha, no really it's not too bad. On Saturday it was much worse and it was really soft down there [by the Westland Stand] but it's hardened up, so we could play better football.

PT: For you it's been a tremendous season. You came in when Jon Sheffield got injured and you've established yourself now. What do you put that down to?

CW: Hard work and dedication, probably, along with a lot of help from people. I just took my chance and hopefully I'll keep on going there.

PT: You seem to be a guy that doesn't have too many nerves.

CW: No, I'm not fazed by much. On the odd occasion you get the nerves but you don't know when they are going to come. Mostly, I'm very laid back and calm.

PT: Any nerves tonight?

CW: No, not at all - I felt brilliant tonight for some reason. On Saturday, I had a few, but then you really don't know when they are going to hit.

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