Interview : Kevin Dawson : 21/02/2013
Kevin Dawson Speaks To The BBC As Part Of The Build-Up To Doncaster
Kevin Dawson
Kevin Dawson
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Yeovil Town midfielder Kevin Dawson spoke to BBC Bristol reporter Ed Hadwin on Thursday 21st February 2013, as part of the build-up to Saturday's trip to Doncaster Rovers.

KD: Things are going really well at the minute, with eight wins in a row. The boys are playing really well and everyone is working as hard as they can. It's all falling into place at the minute and hopefully we can keep it going.

EH: Obviously managers sell the club when you join, but you couldn't have possibly expected it to have gone so well since you've arrived?

KD: Yes, it's been unbelievable to be honest. Everything has been going so well. We just need to keep our feet on the ground and keep working as hard as we can and take each game one at a time and keep going.

EH: Is that how you do it now, because you've always been chasing a play-off place. Now you've got yourself in there, can you almost put that in the back of your mind and still have that chasing mentality?

KD: Yes, I think so. I think we just need to keep going. There's no point in thinking about what could happen, because otherwise you can end up getting caught up in it. So we're all just taking it one step at a time, literally to the next game, then the next game. You're not even thinking about anything other than the next 90 minutes, and I think that's the way to do it. Then before you know it you might look down and you've got promoted, so that's hopefully what we're trying to do.

EH: It's certainly a nice view. When you look at the teams that are around you there's some big clubs. But at Swindon the manager has resigned, and there seem to be a lot of things happening with a lot of teams. Whereas here, you're just prodding along quite happily and there are no dramas.

KD: Yes, and I'm happy for us to do that, as it keeps the spotlight on other teams. Hopefully we can just keep sneaking up. But as I've said, things are going brilliant here. Everyone is just enjoying the football, and we're just all really looking forward to the next game.

EH: You've gone through some big tests in those eight games. There's some big clubs that you've beaten up there, and with Doncaster up there with you this is another big test isn't it?

KD: Yes, it's a massive game. I know we're away from home but hopefully we can get another really big three points. As you say, we've got some really big wins at Coventry and Sheffield United, and I think this is another massive one for us.

EH: Absolutely and with the confidence that's flowing through you, are you worried about what happens when the run ends? Because you can't win every game between now and the end of the season - well you might, but it's unlikely.

KD: That's the thing - obviously runs will come to an end at some stage. But you don't mind it coming to an end if all eleven players are working hard. But we'll be disappointed if we put in a bad performance. If we keep working as hard as we've been and we come out unlucky in a game and you lose the run, then that's football and that's okay. But we'll just look to work as hard as we can and get another three points.

EH: You obviously know Paddy (Madden) a bit better than the rest of us. Have you seen him in this kind of form before?

KD: Yes, actually I did at a lower age when we were about 15 or 16, before he signed professionally with Bohemians, I think he scored 50 goals in about 23 games or something ridiculous. It was at schoolboy level, but that was the main season that he got his name about a bit at home. But this is the first time since then that he's really banged them in. He's always been like that, in that once he gets confident he is very hard to control, so hopefully he can keep it going. He's surprisingly very down-to-earth and grounded at the minute. He's so determined, especially following his spell up at Carlisle. He just wants to keep going for as long as possible - he's really grounded, but he's hungry in that he wants to keep it going.

EH: It's great as a midfielder knowing that if you put the ball through that you've got someone like that on the end of it.

KD: Yes, it's brilliant. Hayts (James Hayter) is like that too. Hayts is flying, and the two of them are just linking up superbly together. So hopefully long may it continue.

EH: You've got that belief in yourself that even in a couple of games ago when you went behind, you came back and there was no real panic.

KD: Yes that's right, we went behind here but then won 3-1 against Preston. So even within that game I think the boys were saying when they were coming off the pitch that we never thought that we were going to lose the game. We felt in control. We were all working as hard as we could and we knew that eventually something was going to give, and it ended up that we came out as 3-1 winners.

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