Belgium Diary : July 7th 2003
Belgium Diary : July 7th 2003

On to Monday and with distinct rumours of our Seb being last seen being hauled off to help two rather strapping Belgium policewomen with their 'enquiries', Will once again comes to the rescue, given that Seb is sensibly not saying a thing without his lawyer being present ...

Today (Tuesday) I made a vain attempt to get to work, in London, on time, having awoken with an absolutely banging head in Antwerp at 6.30am local time. This did not leave me long enough to get the 8am train out of Brussells to Waterloo. Bugger!

What can one say about the events of Monday? The day started late, after a few cheeky bollecke blondes the night before and we sauntered into Antwerp to do some sightseeing and get a spot of lunch. A few photos of me patting horses, and of the cathedral, later and it was time to meet Tim and Dylan at the train station. We hit the beers early, complete with some astonishing greetings cards that we picked up in the equivilant of a pound shop. The players will know the ones we mean. You will have to wait for OTV to see them in all their glory.

We got the bus out to Wuustwezel at about 5pm with the journey taking around 45 minutes on a burning hot bus. Said heat made the boys quite thirsty and by the time the game kicked off quite a few of the local beverages had been dispatched. The locals all seemed friendly and they even had some lads from Feyenoord down (Rotterdam is just across the border) who were all friendly despite some initial worries about their intentions towards us. On had a very detailed picture of the De Kuip stadium Rotterdam tattooed on his entire back. Most impressive artistry - more so than the dodgy parlour near our hotel, which Seb has a very nice snap from, of the ugliest woman ever tattooed onto some poor guy's shoulder. But I digress.

We got the flags up and took our positions under a roof on the far side of the ground. We decided to try out a few of the songs we'd picked up at Willem II on Saturday. The atmosphere at the game was very good all the way through.

We took the lead, but a bullet header from a corner and a cracking free kick from Belgian folk legend Patrick Goots (39 years old and not looking a day over 60), who cut a dashing Francis Rossi like figure in the midfield, with his balding MULLET.

I spent the second half talking to some of the Antwerp and Feyenoord fans and swapping scarves and e-mail addresses. Those guys really like their English football and seem very knowledgable. They were genuinely impressed with the standard of our play and the numbers we had taken on a Monday night (about 40-50 this time). I saw very little football, but a lot of the bar.

We got the bus back to Antwerp with the Chuckle Brothers who joined in with our song 'We're only here for the MULLETS'. The bus rocked all the way back to town, with some particularly good Oom Pah Pah, Blur (Darren Way), 2 Unlimited (Gareee) and the Entertainer (stolen from Willem II). We went to a bar by the bus station where the beer was cheap and the conversation flowed with quite a few of the lads sticking around. Don't ask me what actually happened. All I know is that the barmaid was top and her name was Nimeke (which rhymes with Lineker) and she was very friendly and courteous like all Antwerp residents we encountered, even keeping the bar open after closing time.

We took our stuff back to the hotel then wandered out for Pizza and a little more karaoke, before signing off from Antwerp for good. Hopefully Chris and Jon (aka the Rhinestone Cowboy) will send a report of Beerschot. If not it'll be because they are unconscious in a gutter somewhere having been unable to live with my drinking pace.

Willem Twee : Cider Boys Belgian Beer Tour Antwerpen 2003

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