Belgium Diary : July 6th 2003
Belgium Diary : July 6th 2003

On to Sunday and a trip to Oberhausen leaves our regular scribe Seb feeling a 'little under the weather' shall we say. But fear not because Will Ranner's hangover hasn't quite kicked in yet (we think he's still drunk from the night before) and so he is here to comment on the state of the German fashion industry and to definitely not mention the war ......

Well where do you start? Firstly, thanks to Robin for giving us a lift to Germany. Entering Oberhausen is like walking through a hard rock vortex into 1985. The fashions, the STUPENDOUS MULLETS, the bratwurst and DON'T MENTION THE WAR - I JUST DID BUT I THINK I GOT AWAY WITH IT!

Oberhausen were having an open day to celebrate the start of the season and there were lots of interesting MULLETS on show. Voller MULLETS, staight MULLETS, ugly MULLETS, shell suit MULLETS and the all time Belgiqn beer tour favourite, the denim jacket with patches MULLET. There was also a rather over friendly AC-DC fan named Marc who sported a fetching leather waistcoat complete with tassles! If you want to know the full extent of the horror of Marc, wait for the pictures! Super Gav Williams who sat with us in the first half will back me up!

The first question we were asked on arrival was "Are you hooligans?" and a teenage lad with severe acne asked to swap my brand new Glovers shirt for a T-Shirt proudly declaring 'I support White Power'. It's nice to see that fascism is alive and well in this corner of Germany! All kinds of people were looking to swap shirts, badges and scarves. It's a shame we didn't take more with us. Next time. We also saw an Oberhausen player kissing a dog. You really had to be there.

Did I mention the dogs? Antwerp is full of small dogs. Most odd.

By this stage we had mentioned the 1939-1945 conflict several times. Did I mention the MULLETS? We have some beautiful pictures, not least the Oberhausen coach who sported an absolute beauty!

Came for the MULLETS, we only came for the MULLETS, we only came for the MULLETS!

Back in Antwerp we prceeded to drink from the cup of the blond bolleke until we found ourselves touring the red light district. What happened there shall remain on tour forever.

I stumbled in at 6am having sung karaoke with Mr Pete Lancaster holding up a lighter to the strains of Sweet Caroline by the wonderful Mr Neil Diamond.

Will Ranner

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