Belgium Diary : July 5th 2003
Belgium Diary : July 5th 2003

Seb White of the On To Victory Fanzine gives the second of his updates from Antwerp on the Glovers 2003/04 pre-season tour of Belgium and Germany, where they appear to have been visiting some establishments in Amsterdam. I'm sure there's more to this that they are not telling us! Seb writes ...

Easy morning due to being sensible the night before. A bit of a stroll, nice architecture and many dogs (of the canine variety and not ugly women kind). Got the train to Tillburg with five other Yeovil fans - clean, quick, cheap and easy - the trains that is. Being in Holland we found ourselves in a 'coffee' shop some lovely espressos! We then went to the Willem II ground which seemed to take for ever and a bit scary as numerous Willem fans on bikes appeaerd to be leading us in to a dead end but eventually we found the very impressive stadium. Think of Huish but a bit bigger all enclosed and also with a 10ft deep moat round the pitch.

The game was entertaining; Willem II winning 2-1 with a dubious penalty. Luckily we met up with an Irish bloke - Paul from Cork and with his help managed to get back to train station for the last train. Good job otherwise we would have been in a right mess. A nice sing song (in which a few new ones were created) on the way back followed and before we knew it we were back on the beer in Antwerp.

Everything stays open until you leave basically so after sampling a few of Belgium's finest ales we found ourselves eating a pizza at 4.30 in the morning. So it was a late one, whilst Will was rueing some missed opportunities with some Dutch women - they said he was too drunk! A fine day was had by all. Fast forward three hours and the bastard alarm goes off for our trip to Germany - oh dear!

Seb White

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