Belgium Diary : 04/07/2003
Belgium Diary : July 4th 2003

Seb White of the On To Victory Fanzine gives the first of his updates from Antwerp on the Glovers 2003/04 pre-season tour of Belgium and Germany. Take it away, Seb ......

Early start ... sorry very early start to get the plane in the morning as myself Jon and Chris meet at Manchester Airport at 5.00am. The new shirts were on display and yet no sign of any druken Rangers fans wanting to beat us up.

The obligatory overpriced breakfast soon followed and without delay boarded our plane to Brussels. Smooth flight, sorted ourselves out with a train to Antwerp at a bargain price of six Euros on prompt and very clean trains - Railtrack take note! But bollox, I get a text from Badger - the game is off! The rest of the journey is spent asking what to do instead and how can you possibly have a waterlogged pitch in JULY!

Arrived at Antwerp central station. Yeovil Pen Mill it is not, as we were given a taste of some fantastic architecture, which we have found out is a standard feature of the city. A scary taxi drive through Antwerp - Chris was getting worried that he hadn't got travel insurance! Booked into our hotel - very clean! And quickly onto sampling Belgium's finest ales. The early start coupled with a few ales started to take its toll so a power nap was required, which was rudely distrubed by our other roomate Mr Ranner.

Even better news followed - the game was back on at a place called Zelzate. Now what followed is a story in itself (buy the next OTV for the full story of what following Yeovil over land and sea is really like). Anyway somehow we got there and by all accounts even the team itself was lucky to find a ground not too disimilar to Sherborne Town's but which had a bar!

The match itself was a typical pre-season friendly. Lively start particularly by Yeovil with Gally looking fitter and even faster. Lee J got involved in a couple of handbags with both teams not shirking the tackle. Lokeren apparently had 5 first teamers including a couple of internationals but that made no difference to Plucky who I seem to remember well and truly plucking the Icelandic International striker - their best player. Gav's injury just appeared out of nothing and the lad was in a bit of pain - not helped by having no stretcher as his team mates did the honours.

Lokeren got into the game more in the second half and forced Wealey to make a couple of good saves. Eight subs broke the game up and Yeovil looked good without actually threatning too much. Final score 0-0. Simon from Amsterdam gave us stranded Glovers a lift back to Antwerp (cheers for that Si) and what was planned to be a few drinks actually turned into a quiet end to a long day. But the day ended on a high as myself and will ate cherry sweets of some bird's leg - again another story. The plan for Saturday is to go to Holland and watch Willem II vs FC Wil in the Intertwobob. More updates tommorow.

Antwerp Greens: Chris, Jon, Seb, Will

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